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    Post your PRS guitar pics here!

    My two humble SEs. Both rather battered and road-worn, by previous owners and now myself. Tremonti modded with new nut, Warman neck pickup and nickel covers. Soapbar Singlecut, now with added mini-humbuckers. New nut and replaced the tuners with an old set of Grovers. Oh and I switched the...
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    Who here has an obscene amount of guitars?

    I have a large-ish guitar collection, but probably nowhere near as large as some. It's funny, when I was early 20s, pre-family, and gigging in an original indie band, I owned 3 guitars. A EKO acoustic, a souped up Fender Musicmaster and an old Ibanez Tele as a spare. Now I gig in a soul...
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    SE Mods

    I have two rather battered SEs that I continue to give a tough life. Both were unmodded when I got them, but well worn Soapbar SE has had its controls swapped around, and it has a Seymour Duncan Hot P90 in the bridge slot and old Grover tuners on the headstock. Plus like all my guitars, I...
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    Anybody out there refinished their PRS?

    Thick finishes on the Tremontis, mine has some dings and wear and it's staying as it is and probably getting more over the next few years. I think the biding will be the biggest problem, I know folk have re-finned their SE Soapbars and other non-bound guitars, but I haven't seen any refinned...
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    Which one suprised you the most?

    I expected to like my Baja tele, my Squier 51 and my Gibby Melody Maker as I had heard so many good things about them. And lo and behold, I did! Bear in mind there are so many on so many other forums that rag on PRS guitars, I didn't expect to like my two SEs as much as I do. Both of them have...
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    It's only 1/32 of an inch? Really?

    I like fatter necks on guitars, they suit my big hands and stubby fingers. I have started thinning out guitars that I own with thinner necks, I used to be able to swap between them without any problems, but not any more. I have a nice collection of Westone guitars, most of which have thinner...
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    Show your SE!

    My two. Red Soapbar Singlecut 2006, quite modded with an SD Hot 90 in the bridge and a Wilkinson P90 in the neck slot. Swapped around controls, bone nut, old vintage Grover Tuners. Love this guitar, though it has had a tough life Again another guitar that has been around the block, 2004...
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    Now have a pair of SEs so I thought I'd join

    I know, its often said that you don't often get PRS guitars that look worn and used, but these two are a bit of an exception. I am a Tele player firstly, so I like my well used workhorses, but these two have joined them and step up to the mark too. The Soapbar has had a pickup swap, it has a...
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    Now have a pair of SEs so I thought I'd join

    I have had a Singlecut Soapbar for some time and I use and play it regularly. Recently I got a rather worn and battered Tremonti, which I have spruced up, tidying up the frets, adding a bone nut, and covers to the pickup, etc Thought I'd post a pic of my two SEs which have both had a tough...
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    Hostile Takeover!

    Staunch Tele/Gibson Slabster player here, that has a couple of SEs in the collection. I wouldnt call it in any way hostile, but these two guitars seem to creep in on occasions and more so recently. Not long ago my old faithful Soapbar Singlecut SE did a whole gig with me, as the jack socket...
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    Resonators- Whacha got?

    I have a Busker MM Blues resonator.
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    Korean Line Worth the Money?

    Never looked at PRS guitars until recently, as I have always been e Tele and lower end Gibson player (as well as resonators). Then I got this battered and worn SE Singlecut for a great price, and was blown away by how nice it was to play and what a great sound it had Soild, reliable...