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    PRS Core Inlay Modifications

    Thanks for the replies all, looking back the 17 is way too cluttered, I was dead set on including a shoal of fish but if even a month later it still didn't turn out right it's probably time to drop it. The current colour is an aqua / light whale blue thing so it matches. It'll be a while before...
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    PRS Core Inlay Modifications

    A while ago I mentioned the idea of changing inlays on my guitar. I've since found access to a laser cutter and acquired some abalone inlay blanks, as well as some wood for a fretboard. I reckon that in a couple months after Covid dies down somewhat, I'll give things a test cut to see how they...
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    Modifying a Private Stock Headstock Inlay & Refinish.

    You mean the Abalone/Abalam Sheet is 2m thick? and the wood veneer 1mm? Is that Abalam solid shell sheets stacked up to 2mm or laminated onto a surface? Here's the sort of stuff I find...
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    Modifying a Private Stock Headstock Inlay & Refinish.

    No intention of selling, ever. Thing is I've just bought a house, and I didn't have any intention of selling my les pauls', Fenders' and SE before that point. But even now the telecaster is still up for sale. From my point of view, I wouldn't be smart to not even consider value. That said, what...
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    Modifying a Private Stock Headstock Inlay & Refinish.

    That sounds promising, I thought it would've been the other way around. So if it's a professional job the guitars' still going to be a PS and worth a PS at heart? The workshop has a new CNC mill. That gives me a heck of an advantage to start so long as I have the patience to learn to use it...
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    Modifying a Private Stock Headstock Inlay & Refinish.

    I have two blue Private stock PRS's. One I left in a case and forgot about, and the other so nice I left it on a stand by a open window for a few years. As you can imagine that guitar is no longer blue, and now more of a light grey. I really don't like it, and I really want a Scarlet Red guitar...
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    SE Locking Tuners yes or no

    Locking tuners aren't required to stop string slipping, as a kink in the string combined with little wraps works fine as per the method shown earlier. What they do however, is give a premium feel, make restringing easier, and most importantly they usually have a lower gear ratio, which means...
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    SE Hollowbody thread

    I'm curious, I was shocked after trying my first core Cu 24, as it was so much lighter and thinner than the SE. How do you reckon the width and shape will be different to the cores here?
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    That counterfeit PRS hurts

    The headstock isn't even big enough for the tuners to sit properly.