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    Core model tuner woes.

    Bit off topic, but same problem with my early DGT. The tuners don’t have current replacements that I could find. Tried PRS Cust. Serv. And John Mann. Phase III old style. The mounting screws are offset. Mounting screws on current Phase III are different, and I ain’t drilling any new holes...
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    A True, 100% Classic: The Custom 24

    First PRS I ever bought after lusting after one for many years. Cherry sunburst 10 top at Chuck Levin’s in 2000. Sounded great. Why ‘o why did I sell it?? Slight redemption. I used the funds for a McCarty Soapbar. Still wish I had kept it, though.
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    Pedalboards, show me what u got

    Used to have a nice slab ‘o knotty pine, but the damn dog chewed it up…
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    Not playing a PRS, but I'm excited to share this...

    Nicely done!! :cool: :cool:
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    Wonderful Clip - Granddaughter's Real Deal Show

    Timeless. Seen it many times, and it never gets old. Thanks! (don’t know what verklempt means, and not sure I wanna know ;) )
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    Had the opportunity to do something pretty cool this past weekend.

    Well, doesn’t get much better than that. Great pix too! :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    The chopping block

    Two I just moved to help fund purchase of original 94 McCarty. K-Line Tele and Fender Straight Six Strat. Cool guitars, but were not getting play time.
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    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    Pair of Thorn custom Artisan Masters
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    Returning to my (original McCarty) roots

    Good catch! Coil split wires are there, but never hooked up at the factory. Pull pot never used, 100% original factory wiring with unbroken solder joints! Straight switching.
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    Returning to my (original McCarty) roots

    I’ve owned 3 McCartys in the way distant past, and they were always my favorite in the old PRS lineup. Only sold to fund 2 custom builds that actually ended up being quite similar. Double cutaway, wide fat neck shapes, rosewood necks, etc. But when I saw this puppy on the whacky Gear Page I...
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    Trying to track down my old DGT

    I had 2 semi-rare McCartys that for the life of me can’t remember the whys of me selling them. Would love to have a shot at a re-buy. At least I now have sense to hang onto my DGT. Good luck; you never know these days!
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    Do you love or hate the beach?

    I went to the beach once to ride my swan, and I had a bad experience…
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    Move to Southern PA or Southern DE?

    I’m on the eastern shore of MD (near some guitar factory :rolleyes:) and love it in retirement. Beach traffic isn’t a problem if you’re off Ocean Gateway Rte. 50 a bit. That said, my best friend and wife live in Selbyville, DE and love it. They’re die hard beach people, and that’s close by. Both...
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    How rare are the McCarty P90 rosewood necks?

    I foolishly sold a McCarty rosewood soap standard, which might be even scarcer. Pretty sure it was a 2001, too. Fellow I sold it to was going to use it mainly for slide. Another “what was I thinking “ moment.
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