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    SE Custom 24 Spalted Maple Wiring Diagram

    From PRS guitars site:
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    Ted has touched down!

    Excellent! Congrats
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    NGD! Vela Limited run!

    Great score! Congrats
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    NGD - SE Standard 24

    Awesome guitar! Congrats I like the Standard a little better than the custom, both are great though.
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    NGD - SE Custom 24-08

    Nice top!
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    NGD - 2014 Bernie Marsden

    Not sure how I missed this one :oops: Awesome guitar, looks great! Congrats
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    NGD Stripped SC58

    Excellent! Congrats
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    Incoming NGD S2 SC Semi- Hollow

    Beautiful guitar! Congrats
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    NGD: Private Stock #8988 all Ziricote HBII Piezo

    Whoa! Spectacular guitar! Congrats
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    Received my first guitar...

    Sweet guitar! Congrats
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    NGD x 2…New SE 245s with Lampshade Knobs

    Maybe it comes from your great, great, great, great,……..grandfather Noah
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    NGD SE Santana

    Great score! Congrats
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    NGD x 2…New SE 245s with Lampshade Knobs

    Awesome guitars! Congrats For some reason, I have a sudden urge for some double-mint gum :)