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    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all, Just joined the forum the other day. I have two PRS guitars. One, an SE Bernie, I got last February. Love it for the most part, even the pickups, which is unusual for me with almost any guitar, but I didn't like the brown looking speed knobs, so I changed them out for some amber bell...
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    strap locks

    I've used Dunlops since the 80's, with zero failures. I like the new, more normal looking buttons they come with more than the older, longer ones. These are better if you're using a strap that doesn't have the buttons, for whatever reason. I have, in the course of my guitars, some without locks...
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    Handle with care - d'oh

    I got my first new guitar (not a PRS) in 1983. It was black with a black pick guard, covers, and knobs. It was shiny and perfect. I don't polish my guitars or keep them in the cases, but I don't leave them leaning on coffee tables, either. My drummer used to make fun of my adoration of this...