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    NGD: Wood Library Tremonti

    wow! killer top!
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    SE 245 Standard as a first guitar .... and some questions

    Yes and no. If the height of the strings isn't too high you shouldn't have any major issues with intonation. A quick check with the tuner tho will let you know for sure.
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    SE 245 Standard as a first guitar .... and some questions

    If you bought it new it would have PRS 9s on it.
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    Who saved the pic of the wrecked standard?

    Why'd you have to give me nightmares again.:oops:
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    The bored as sin bucket list

    Take a dump in every state.
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    Sharp Notes After Sitting - Then Goes In Tune?

    Try putting graphite in the nut the next time you change the strings, and if the bridge is sitting parallel with the body of the guitar then the claws shouldn't be an issue.
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    Pic since I haven't posted in a while

    Theres a snake in my boot :p
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    Tell us about your avatar

    Just my dog, attacking me as I took his picture.
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    2007 EJ Strat or 2008 CE22 Both are mint and so sweet!

    Ditch the strat i say. Personally there is pretty much nothing I like about strats so I'm biased.
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    1. Ryan 2. Bourbonnais, IL 3. Pipefitter 4. Super mega nerd
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    How Did You Afford Your First New PRS?

    I bought my CU24 last year. It was my gift to myself for finishing pipefitting school. It actually came 6 months earlier than I expected and I was hoping to have a chunk of money to put towards it as sweetwater said they wouldnt charge me until it shipped. Well that didnt happen so i ended up...
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    i find the host of that show to be Ultra Charmin.
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    2 words... butt plug
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    Just refrain from pooping for a few weeks and you will be fine.