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    The One That Got Away

    After starting on a TPOS Kay electric, I grew up on a ‘61 Gibson J-45 flat-top. It eventually got traded in on a trombone for our middle boy. Long gone. I’ve never found a decent substitute for that ‘ol J-45, though I’ve tried many others... (Snif)
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    I still do acoustic sounds manually. Of course you do. -Jackie Treehorn
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    Lead or rhythm guitar, where do you live?

    I’m slightly below above average on lead: slightly above below average on rhythm.
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    My S2 Standard 24 Satin is Here!

    Kewl! There are no wrong notes in my S2 Satin 24, that I can find. Couple of Avant Guard chords, but distortion fixes that.
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    Official Vote for new forum term

    Keyboard Is Drunk, or “KID.”
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    What was your first guitar amp?

    HealthKit monaural Hi-Fi tube amplifier in a plywood box w a Lafayette Radio 12” speaker. Sounded nice. Warm and tube-like. Probably 10 watts.
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    Modern Humbucker look

    408 PRS’s look strange. But boy do they sound wunnerful!
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    Impending NGD-S2 Standard 24!

    Just like mine (which I love)! Mine hangs on the wall within reach of my noodling chair.
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    Do you play other Instruments than Guitar?

    Yeah I had ten years of College. Junior College, but still...
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    Do you play other Instruments than Guitar?

    I used piano (Wurlitzer practice electric) to arrange in College Music. Not much facility required, just chords and plenty of goof strips for the manuscript paper.
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    NGD, aimed high for my first.

    Nice score! Welcome to the disease...
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    Do you play other Instruments than Guitar?

    I have played at varying levels: sax; trumpet; trombone; keys; cello; drum set; And currently dabble in bass (& guitar).
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    More than just guitars

    I’d respond, but I don’t want black helicopters flying over my house (again).
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    Things I find hard to understand

    Get off my lawn.