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    DGT Electronics

    My 2011 DGT has the more recent resistor update. Verified it with the wiring diagram on this site. I wonder how the older electronics sound?
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    The Re-Issued McCarty

    Smexy vid! Loved the coil split tonez!
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    Phase 3 Question

    I could've sworn I saw some white substance in there once. Maybe they use the stuff the wah rockers are lubed with?
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    The Re-Issued McCarty

    CE and have it has to be bare bones ala Stripped 58s....they could be called the Stripped CEs......I already copyrighted that PRSH so I get a free one if it launches lol....jk btw...well kinda.
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    Phase 3 Question

    Greetings y'all. I've been trying to find out information on maintaining my SC58s Phase 3 open gear tuners. I've googled and checked the PRS site and nada. Anyone know what they use at the factory to lube these guys up? Is it even needed on these? I know closed back have auto lubing features...
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    The Re-Issued McCarty

    Very cool. Basically the guitar that Grissom helped design, along with PRSh and Ted McCarty, but now with new finish, pickups,full color line, and newer tuners! GAS time
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    NGD CU 24 - First Quilt!

    I wanna fall asleep on that beautiful cloud of quilt!
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    "I am fire! I am death!" Lol
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    Fat/Wide necks?

    There's the players that can adapt to different necks and I think there's the people that maybe have smaller hands that have trouble with the bigger necks as far as fretting. Totally agree Regular carve equals strat neck tho, and Pattern equals maybe a Les Paul's 50s style modern carve.
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    NGD! This girl is on FIRE!

    Holy Santa Claus that's sexy!
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    Bought a custom 22 on a whim. What can i expect?

    Had a cu22 ten top in dark cherry sunburst. Amazing woody tones with some bite and a lovely wide fat neck. Dragon 2s I believe. Loved it to pieces but sold it for more PRS I eventually sold too. Ah gas....
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    Neck dimensions of DGT over the years?

    I would say two things for sure. The finish was nitro top coat and now is probably v12, and the tuners went to closed back to new Phase 3s. Might be wrong?...but who knows for certain.
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    10 Top vs. Artist

    Very good read guys!
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    Which of these OD pedals do you like the best?

    Archer for the win. Amazing build quality, great size, Best clean boost this side of the Milky Way!
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    What's your NGD Ritual Before It Arrives?

    I stay up for a few days looking at reviews, similar model and color choices, obsess over wether I'll like it and if I don't what the resale value is, and be on the same YouTube link over and over. Obsessive enough? Hah