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    Has your McCarty satisfied your “authentic” itch?

    Maybe. But would it be so bad if it did make you do that?
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    Has your McCarty satisfied your “authentic” itch?

    I’m really going to need more pics to make a valid assessment about these particular axes smile
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    Has your McCarty satisfied your “authentic” itch?

    I was pretty convinced to keep what I have after I read the first post, then I read this. Ha! First world problems. I actually have an SB59/v. It's such a hard decision because the 594 and SB are so great. I do need a good telecaster. Found a deal on a Suhr Classic T (my SB plus cash), but it's...
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    Has your McCarty satisfied your “authentic” itch?

    Oh, I have regrets! I already have a 594. The question is with that, a Custom, a Luke, and a HSS Strat, do I really need to keep my LP copy? Is it awesome. Yeah. Redundant. Maybe. I’m seriously thinking a good Tele would complete what I have with the two PRS guitars though.
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    UPS estimated delivery time

    Now, see, I don't believe this. Weather forecasts, as well as palm readers, are way more reliable than UPS delivery estimates.
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    Has your McCarty satisfied your “authentic” itch?

    I have an Eastman SB59/v I’m thinking of parting with. Killer guitar and much better quality than any USA Gibsons I’ve played and owned. That said have an awesome 594, Cu24 and just picked up a Luke III HH. I’m wondering if others have gotten rid of their LP or LP copies because a 594 and/CuXX...
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    594 pickup change?

    Thinking about swapping out the 58/15s for 57/08s or Tremontis for more growl and girth. Nothing wrong with the 58/15s. I really like them, just thought of trying something different. Love the guitar and no plans to get rid of it or the old pickups. Anybody else swap theirs out? What results...
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    PRS-haters: "What does PRS have that Fender & Gibson doesn't?"

    Killer QC, ergonomics, consistencies, one of the best designed headstocks in the industry up there with Music Man.
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    New experience with 594

    I’ve now had my 594 SC about a month. Still loving it. In fact, last night I had an experience unlike any I’d had before. I sold an effects unit to a guy nearby, and we started talking gear. We met at a gas station so the deal would be public. He started telling me about all his gear. A week...
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    What artists influenced or what prompted you to get PRS gear?

    A guy in my home town in 2000. Seriously. We jammed at his house a lot, and he had one. At the time was the nicest guitar I’d ever played. Then, he sold it. It took years to find the right one but now I have two PRSes. His was a Cu22 with a thin a neck and natural flame maple. Wow.
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    Found one!

    I’m surprised it’s not a 10-top
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    Found one!

    How do I post pics on here?
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    Found one!

    Paid a little more than I wanted to but got a 594 SC! It’s charcoal and sounds crazy good. I had no idea it could cure LP gas. Now I have to decide if I’d want to sell the Eastman I ordered on the same day. Tone for days! I’ll try Imgur tomorrow. For now, here’s the link to the NGD post on TGP...
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    A little over 24 hours in