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    513 Pickups Swap?

    Just by way of update and a huge thank you to Maertl513 for helping me contact the right people, I received a replacement neck pickup (pricey, but not as costly as I anticipated), which I wired direct to the 5way superswitch. Excellent results with no unwanted noise. The neck pickup is now...
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    Shorter tremolo arm

    I’m going to try this. Does the tip unscrew or is it a press fit?
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    Neck Relief on PRS guitars

    You’ve answered your own question Justin. No neck relief is great for shredders and legato playing. For the rest of us, we like to hear notes ring out clear with a nice bloom on longer notes. I set my relief by eye, holding the D string down at the first fret and the fret where the neck meets...
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    513 Pickups Swap?

    Yes, mine is a 2011 and has the pcb in the cavity like yours. My problem is not so much the wiring, but the neck pickup itself, which has an intermittent break/connection. Ideally, and cost permitting, I would like to purchase a new neck pickup from PRS. I have emailed PTC Europe nearly 3...
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    513 Pickups Swap?

    Ok, I’ve emailed PTC Europe here in the UK to enquire about either a pickup repair or purchasing a new replacement. If neither is possible then us 513 owners are basically screwed if our pickups fail as the sculptured pickup cavities don’t look as if they can accommodate any after market brand...
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    513 Pickups Swap?

    Hey, thanks everyone. I will contact PTC here in the UK.
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    513 Pickups Swap?

    I’m fast falling out of love with the pickups in my 513. At home volumes the guitar sounds perfect, but playing live, the neck pickup in particular seems to take on a life of its own, becoming microphonic in behaviour. My Custom 24 in the same situations has no such problem. I have checked...
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    509 pickups.

    I think I read in an earlier thread that 509 pups are not the same as the 513. I don’t recall the source giving a reason why not, though.
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    1999 HFS / Vintage Bass measurements

    I keep reading how the DC resistance is not a particularly useful measurement, though we continue to use it, mistakenly perhaps, to identify how 'hot' or 'strong' a pickup is likely to sound in a guitar. Outside the general consensus boundaries of 'the hotter the pickup, the more muddy it may...
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    Do PRS guitars require high action?

    Christian, not all PRS guitars can be set up by factory measurements alone. I set my action the same as you - 1.25 and 1.5mm respectively. I also have the truss rod set almost straight. I have 2 core PRS - a 2002 Custom 24 and a 2011 513. I also followed John Mann's video using a 2.4mm hex key...
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    Tremolo arm bush

    So, although my tremolo arm tension adjustment screw is screwed in fairly tight, I think that, after 10 years of whammy action, the black plastic bushing down inside the trem block is not gripping the arm sufficiently around its perimeter. If I screw the tension screw in any further, I cannot...
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    PRS 513 Pickups

    Ok, by way of follow up, I got a reply from Shawn at PTC who said it would be ok to try waxing the pickups. This I did (after much research on Youtube) and the results were successful. No more squeal on moderate to high overdriven sounds. The hardest bit was cleaning up the wax from the pcb...
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    PRS 513 Pickups

    Okay, thanks. I have emailed them.
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    PRS 513 Pickups

    Yeah, I’m the second owner. But thanks anyway.
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    PRS 513 Pickups

    Has anyone wax potted a set of microphonic 513 pickups? I’m assuming it’s not a problem if the attached pcb is wax dipped too?