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    Custom 24 35th anniversary vs 24-08

    Toggle switch vs blade on the 24-08. Toggle is a much better design in my opinion, both visually and practically.
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    Frustrating Intonation Issues On New 594

    Have you checked to see if the bridge posts are straight? They’re supposed to be perpendicular to the body. If they create an angle other than 90° it’ll lead to the guitar not intonating. Not that I’ve seen this issue with a 594 yet, but I’ve seen it on other guitars. You need to remove the...
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    PRS vs Strat appearance

    Are we going to ignore the finish used in different guitars? I’ve seen a couple of very old strats that look almost new. That thick plastic poly finish do not age well. Induced relic is a different story, though. My guess is that in a few year we’ll see some nice natural aging now that PRS is...
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    The National Bureau of There Can Only Be One

    Great post as always. To your point, I had the chance to do a 3v3 on core SC 594 and DC 594. Not a huge sample by any means, but I did notice a difference between the two. These were mahogany body, maple top, mahogany necks, rosewood boards and same finish type. To be fair it was a 3v4, but my...
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    S2 594 Announced!

    These came up on my YT feed yesterday. As Sergio would put it, Bangin’! This is beyond awesome. I conjecture that at this price point, because of how amazing 594s are and how great the S2 series guitars are, these will sell like crazy. You guys at PRS are killing it in 2020 and late 2019. The...
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    594 appreciation thread

    McCarty have thicker bodies than the Custom 22/24. The DC 594 is thicker than a McCarty and the SC 549 is thicker than the DC. Although I agree that scale length and bridge style affects sound, I believe the thickness of the body and neck also contribute to the sonic character of the guitar. For...
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    594 appreciation thread

    Okay, so my gateway drug to PRS was a Ted McCarty. Three years later I got a DC 594. At first, I preferred the neck on the Ted McCarty. As I got used to the neck on the 594 I would like it even more. Sound-wise it is my favorite PRS. There is this very pleasing mid-range that is present even...
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    One thing about the S2's...

    A fixed cost has no bearing on price. It is the price per unit that drives prices. So if it take 1h or a month to write the CAD program to add a recess for back plates is not relevant for explaining prices. At least from an economics point of view. So you’re right, not significant. I'm not...
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    One thing about the S2's...

    There are things that affect price directly through cost, and yes cost contributes to price (price is a function of marginal cost in every economics text book). For instance, a solid neck with glued in headstock and heel, like CEs and S2s, is cheaper to produce than a one pierce neck like the...
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    One thing about the S2's...

    I don’t know how much it would cost extra to recess the control plate. However, even if hypothetically it didn’t increase cost to do so, there would still be economic reasoning not do so. Let me preface the next couple of arguments by saying that price discrimination (on willingness to pay) is...
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    Models or variants you wish PRS had available

    Oh oh I thought of another one. A silver sky with 10” (or 9.5”) fretboard radius. Have them available with maple fretboards. Also silver sky available in transparent finishes.
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    Models or variants you wish PRS had available

    I think that’s slate blue. I have a 594 in slate blue, which looks very similar to the finish on yours.
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    Models or variants you wish PRS had available

    Not so much a model variant, but a finish variation. I like how mahogany looks and it pains me when I see a back being covered with a black non-transparent finish. I wish there was a variant of the Faded Whale Blue with a medium dark transparent brown or a deep dark burgundy back, similar to a...
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    NGD 35th Anniversary CU24

    Best CU24 ever. I hope this model becomes the standard.