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    NGD - WL Tremonti

    Pre-ordered this one from Brian’s last fall and was fortunate to have mine come in after only a few months. Charcoal quilted maple top, swamp ash body, and satin flame maple neck and fretboard. A lot of anticipation to see what it would look like - we were able to see pictures of the raw tops...
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    NGD (it's here!) - Cu24 Incoming

    Charcoal is the best and that’s a great example! Beautiful 35th anniversary!
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    I Made it A Whole Year

    That 594 is stunning. I’d encourage you to be sure you truly don’t want it before you part ways.
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    Any Friends of the SE 277 ?

    The BB-600 is really interesting and is at the top of my list when I finally get around to pulling the trigger on (another) baritone. I have the Tremonti baritone which a lot of people discount as such due to the 25.5” scale, but it’s awesome nonetheless. It lives in C# standard/drop B.
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    That $550 2021 Tremonti SE

    Very nice project. I just received a used SE Tremonti from Dave’s as well…really good deals there. There is a small ding in the face of the headstock but aside from that, this looks new. I’m planning on a similar set of upgrades to mine, though it’ll be getting core Tremonti pickups.
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    New PRS Tremonti 2021

    Stoptail Tremonti the family as well, especially the satin black CE and violet Custom 24. Beautiful!
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    25 years in… NGD - 594 WL

    Awesome....charcoal top/natural back is the best, and the unique neck makes this one even more compelling. Good call on the bone tuner buttons.
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    Tremonti 20th Anniversary?

    I remember hearing that...haven't heard anything since however.
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    Tyler’s new PS

    Might be one of my favorite tops, and I love the ebony FB with the light streak in it.
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    NGD: 35th Anny Custom 24

    No worries! Your two look awesome. Love koa…
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    NGD: 35th Anny Custom 24

    This one is pattern thin.
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    NGD: 35th Anny Custom 24

    I've been looking at 35th Anniversary Custom 24s off and on for about 8 months or so, and more recently have been debating between a 594 and a 35th Custom 24. Came across this one in charcoal burst and decided to pull the trigger. She's less than a month old. I specifically preferred a non-10...
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    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    I foolishly sold mine a couple of months ago and instantly regretted it. Amazingly stumbled into a still-new charcoal model last month and immediately grabbed it.