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    2012 "Stripped" 58 Model Announcment

    I have to say I couldn't agree more on the headstock though, I would bite your arm off for this if it had the Santana/Ted headstock. Question for Shawn, would it be possible to order one of these with that headstock without the cost of a fullblown PS? Basically just have the exact same guitar...
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    When you're fav artists switch brands

    To be honest I couldn't care less about what that goon from Nickelback gets up to, really not my bag baby... I do remember reading a feature on them in a guitar mag years ago and thinking that the other guy in the band seemed ok though, as I recall he had guitars sent to him from Gibson with...
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    Anyone have a spare $150,000?

    On ebay with a BIN of $150,000...
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    Experience 2012 Model Rumors

    Carved top back routed Mira would be awesome... No fancy figured tops, just good old fashioned plain maple...
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    Tremonti SE

    I got a Tremonti SE about seven or eight years ago as a gift so I never played it before purchase. It's the white one with cream binding (I always thought this was a really strange colour combination, were they all that way?) and it has the LP control layout of 2Vol + 2Tone + 3-way toggle on...
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    Experience 2012 Model Rumors

    Definitely a production bass... Maybe even an SE Bass, no stupid EQ just a well crafted instrument with solid pickups... Some alternative shape like a Vee would be really cool or maybe even something along the lines of a solidbody Dweezil with a Floyd? Maybe a stripped back single...
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    Pickups - Get 'Em While They're Hot

    Why does this sort of thing happen... I could do with maybe two pairs of pickups right here... I have no money... Damn the world ( Thought I know where I can get a set of Dragon IIs for €160 which is ok by me, huzzah!)
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    New parts Available

    Actually I just posted above about availability of the new two-piece bridge but maybe the moderators could delete that and my question could be more conveniently answered here? Sorry for the hassle.
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    PRS Two-Piece Bridge

    So does anyone have a Stripped '58 with two-piece bridge? How does it compare against the regular wraparound and where might you be able to but the two-piece bridge/ tailpiece assembly?
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    Your fav PRS artist

    Dave Baksh (Though he's not really playing PRS as much these days from what I can gather)
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    Photos Of Your Favorite PRS Artists + Guitars Live!

    The reason I got into playing guitar and PRS, I'm actually friends with him on fbook now. Really nice guy!
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    The "Name" Thread

    Most of my friends do call me Rik :)
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    For all swedes here :)

    Have to say Yngwie's music doesn't really do it for me so much but he is a phenomenal guitarist and puts on a hell of a good show, I couldn't recommend his live show enough to anyone who hasn't had the joy of seeing it in person!
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    Please talk me out of what I think is a crazy idea...

    Oh all right then ;) It is starting to build a nice patina, I actually really like it looking like it gets played. It really did need a clean though, I'm ashamed of what came off the fingerboard and from under the bridge :/ Pics will be up as soon as I get a camera to hand though.