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    Faded blue color

    Thanks for the info and BEAUTIFUL pics! That’s very helpful info guys. I guess there’s a market for guitar sunscreen :D I hear that PTC will do restoration job on faded finishes? Damn I wish I live near the US
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    Thoughts on updates to the Silver Sky

    I also prefer the old specs. Feels easier to play and hands down the best s-style pickups I've ever heard, amazing clarity and really nails that Mayer tone to the T. The new specs to me feels like a compromise to satisfy some early critics.
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    Faded blue color

    Hello. I'm recently interested in a 35th anniv. Custom 24 finished in faded blue jean. Years ago I read that PRS has some problem with their blue finish fading quickly. I want to know if they have fixed this problem? Does anyone have example of how the "faded blue jean" would look like after it...
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    Schaller megaswitch question

    Hi. I'm interested in replacing the 5 way blade switch of my core Custom with a schaller megaswitch "M" model. I change pickups quite frequently and the schaller seems easier to wire. They also have diagrams with various pickup config beside the standard PRS combination. So my question is will...
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    Using different cap value for neck and bridge pickups possible?

    Hi. I wonder if it is possible to use different capacitor values for the bridge and neck pickups, on a Custom (1 tone pot)? I’d like to try 0.015uf neck and 0.047uf bridge. I’m thinking it might be possible using 500k/500k stacked pot? But how do I wire it? And should I go with short or long...
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    The silver sky I’ve tried were simply the best playing and sounding S-style guitar ever. Still waiting for the right color to come out though. If they do dark blue metallic I would order one in a heartbeat.
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    Bare Knuckle Pickups for McCarty 594?

    I love thr rebel yell/stormy monday combo in my guitar. I had the Mule set and they sound great also, but I was looking for something with more output. The rebel yell is very sensitive to pickup height, and sounds better close to the strings. It’s generally a bright pickup, but there’s a sweet...
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    “Sweet switch” using push pull

    Hi. I’m interested in getting the effect of PRS “sweet switch” but in the format of push pull tone control. Does anyone know if that’s possible? Any idea where to get the parts? Any schematics?
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    Finally had some time with it (2010 McCarty Smokeburst)

    What color is that 2015 mccarty?? Beautiful!
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    BKP mule vs PRS 5708 5909 or 8515

    I have a custom 22 which I bought used loaded with covered BKP Mule pickups. Any experience on how it compares to PRS 5708 or 5909 pickups? I really like the Mule but something with more power/thickness in the bridge and clearer neck would be nice.