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    Mark Tremonti on his new PRS concept and baritone hybrid (TotalGuitar vid)

    Yeah. I don't know. It could be as simple as he's Mark Tremonti and he can have a completely new/different guitar built for him for one tuning lol.
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    Mark Tremonti on his new PRS concept and baritone hybrid (TotalGuitar vid)

    Yeah, I dunno. I guess it depends what he's going for. You could string it up with 9s and get the desired tension you want for that tuning without using "bridge cables". Though, I imagine tonally it would sound sort of thin.
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    Mark Tremonti on his new PRS concept and baritone hybrid (TotalGuitar vid)

    Just a shot in the dark, but I think for a player like Mark and based on what he was saying in the video, since he's a "shredder" and that type of playing typically requires a very light touch that heavier gauge strings even on a regular scale length tend to get cumbersome pretty quickly. If...
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    Show your Singlecuts!

    Yes sir! AP with ebony board
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    Prs Pickups in a Jackson?

    That's a discontinued Marty Friedman model. They tend to fetch a decent amount these days as they've been out of production for more than a decade now. There's one the custom shop recently built on eBay right now for $6500. I would advise against modding it. If you're unhappy with it, you'd...
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    What´s this, Mr. Tremonti?!

    I generally don't have a problem with different shapes (heck, I played Jackson King V's for years). But (for me anyway) the lines and contours of the body/head have to compliment each other and balance the guitar out. The headstock should flow with the curves of the body etc. This concept guitar...
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    What´s this, Mr. Tremonti?!

    Swing and a miss as far as I am concerned. But it looks like Mark enjoys it. I'd probably enjoy it too if I was paying what Mark does for such guitars ;).
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    NGD (SC245--oh yeah!)

    awesome! thats one of my favorite colors
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    Marty's tastes improved with time...

    Never knew Brenden Frasier had 3 arms. Interesting!
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    Hail Mary parts request (old school black USA CTS knobs)?

    Turns out ADP only had 2. So I am still on the look out for 2 more. If anyone happens to have any they're willing to part with please hit me up. Thanks!
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    Poor harmonics 5th fret G string SC58

    At least it was just the flanger! (never been a fan lol)
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    Why I support a real brick & morter store

    Funny how just simply changing out the pickup rings for a different color can change the entire vibe of the guitar. Looks great!
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    Private Stock Friday

    What's the story with the purpleburst guitar there?