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    San Diego
    NDT Level III
    I've played guitar on and off since I was 13. Seemed more off then on though due mainly to racing motorcycles - Desert racing, MX & Road Racing.
    I still road race occasionally but at 56, that part of my life is starting to slow down a bit. I'm not as spry as I used to be lets just say..
    I've been seriously injured a few times but that has never dampened my spirit for riding. So no regrets about my racing days. Id do it all over again without a flinch.
    My only regret is not sticking with the guitar all these years. If I had the focus I did as with racing, id be a lot further down the road musically. Like light years ahead.
    What led me here to the PRS Forum was by happenstance I caught a video of Tony McManus. Something clicked inside that inspired me to start playing again.
    The more videos I saw of Tony, the more I saw PRS Acoustic Guitars. So I started checking out PRS demos and liked what I saw and heard.
    I decided to start out with an PRS SE Angelus Custom. I'm very happy with my choice and feel that it's a great starting point for a total rooky player such as myself.
    I've got lots to learn and know it. I'm focused and determined to get with the program and see what I can accomplish.
    As beat up as I am from racing, I'm grateful that the man up stairs kept my digits working fine. Usually motorcycle racers break lots of fingers, hands and wrists among other things.
    I'm stoked to be here on PRS Forums with all you fine people and I look forward to learning from anyone willing to help an ol geezer out.
    My interests in playing style are aimed more towards the Celtic Fingestyle playing and DADGAD tuning.
    Thanks for reading,

    Music/Road Racing
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