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    Narrowfield versus Narrowfield 57/08?

    I have a 25th SAS with Narrowfields. It is just an incredibly versatile instrument. I wasn't in a position to buy one when they originally released but I bought it used in 2015. It really can do everything people here have said. I'm a sucker for the unique pickup combos.
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    Those of you with a Vela

    Have you tried That has been my go to.
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    Reclaimed Wood Vela Dreams

    Good lord I love everything about these guitars.
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    Those of you with a Vela

    I am a non-Vela owner. But hopefully that will change soon.
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    SE Hollowbody Piezo!

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    NGD -Custom Vela

    That looks AWESOME. Of course we would all love to hear some audio/video!!
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    Gratuitous SE One picture

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    Glad I wasn’t talked out of it, NGD, VELA!

    Congrats! That's a beauty for sure!
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    Talk me out of a S2 Vela Semi-Hollow.......

    I'm in love with these myself. I plan to get one next year at some point. McCarty burst. Looks and sounds soooo good.
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    Custom pick guard for Vela

    My next guitar will be a semi-hollow Vela and DAMN that pickguard is gorgeous. I'll be in the market for sure.
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    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    Been reading this thread all week. What an awesome concept that I AM UNABLE TO TAKE PART IN. Agh. This Vela is calling to me. Congrats to everyone jumping on it, can't wait to see pics.
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    PRS clinic - Paul Reed Smith & David Grissom

    I'm in. This is a first and I'm very excited!
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    408 Standards going away?

    Gah, I had noticed the 408 standards were being listed less frequently and now I see they are gone off the PRS website. I guess I'll have to wait for the day I can get one off the bay. I wonder why production was halted?
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    Forgive my filthy hand, long day at work. :)
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    And the tags showing it had 9's. It looks like it left the factory with them. Think I gotta go to 10's.