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    For Why?

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    Private Stock Special Semi-hollow Limited Edition

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    Which of these bolt-on guitars should PRS return to production?

    CE22, Alder/Maple, INCLUDING Dragon 1's!
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    P90 Guitar

    My only current P-90 (well, GT90) equipped guitar, as the CU22 Soapy above went when I had to sell several guitars due to unemployment:
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    Ok, so what next? To round out my collection. Suggestions?

    I love hearing the Reverend Slingshot mentioned. I had a Slingshot Custom, 3 P-90's, and it sounded GREAT! My issue with it was the smaller neck carve, as I wasn't lucky enough to get one of the earlier builds that had a larger neck. Otherwise, an outstanding guitar, as the current prices for...
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    P90 Guitar

    Another vote for the CU22 Soapbar!
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    Ok, so what next? To round out my collection. Suggestions?

    3 P-90's. That model truly sounds like a "Strat on steroids." Even my bandmates commented on it, and they NEVER said anything about my tones.
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    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    My main marina gig rig last summer. It worked out great! '12 P22 ("Mr. P"), MIM FSR Strat ("Billy Bassboat"), w/Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister18 and H & K 1x10 cab. Once I put real tubes in the Tubemeister (1 failed after 1 month!), that amp has been solid!
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    Is the 2 Channel "H" different than what I have?

    The "H" can be biased and fitted w/EL34's also.
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    Looking For SE Vintage (Bernie, Zack style) Locking Tuners

    Those are the exact ones I ordered! I got 2 sets, because I'm changing them on my Zack Myers as well. These are perfect!
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    Value of a 1993 Custom 22 and where is it on the chain of guitars from PRS?

    Going Modal has it right. Dragon 1 pickups if they haven't been changed, which are my favorite PRS pickups. Also, is it marked "10 Top?" Does it have birds?
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    What pickups should I try?

    The answer is always Dragon 1's
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    Feature I wish Reverb had...

    Well wonder of wonders they paid last night, just under the 48 hour time limit.