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    Atmospheric Rock

    They can be beautiful
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    Another Dragon I Re-track

    Thank you. Working in an untreated room with some monitors that dont go lower than 45hz. Can’t tell if the low end is too wooly.
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    '94 Custom 22 10-Top/Dragon 1's

    Ty sir. I really appreciate the background on this guitar, though it’s making me more sorrowful lol. Is there anything else to know? I love learning about these amazing guitars. Can’t get enough insight.
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    NGD - Singlecut Goldtop with dots

    Nice retirement plan!
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    TIME by Hans Zimmer on a Custom 22

    Great work as usual!
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    '94 Custom 22 10-Top/Dragon 1's

    Thank you so much
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    '94 Custom 22 10-Top/Dragon 1's

    Thanks for the kind words, all. I just learned my oldest son (2.5 yrs) has mild autism and we are now embarking on a long journey. Early intervention. I’m going to have to let this guitar go. I’ve never owned such an amazing instrument and I feel blessed to have had it in my possession for the...
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    '94 Custom 22 10-Top/Dragon 1's

    Thank you all
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    '94 Custom 22 10-Top/Dragon 1's

    I finally have the benefit of some seat time with the CU22 today after doing a quick retrack on a few projects. Some notes on the guitar and thoughts. For a 26 year old instrument, it's in remarkable shape. There are relatively few dings in the clearcoat and there was a headstock chip repair...
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    I put PRS guts into an ESP LTD.

    Love that Mallory 150 in there.
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    1989 Custom 24 rotary switch question(s)...

    *spits out coffee That is a gorgeous guitar. Nice to see such quality pics.
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    Bach cello solo on Baritone 277

    That was really enjoyable
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    Dream Theater Covers on a PRS Custom 22 Sunburst

    Nice work. You are very relaxed and poised. Great tone, as well.