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    SE Paul’s Guitar

    ignore didn't see other post
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    Smoking. Congrats!
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    Blemish on Private Stock Top

    I have to admit after scrolling down to a wide shot of that freaking beauty... who the eff cares?
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    Just send me #9 when finished.
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    Artist you would like to see play PRS whom does not currently.

    I'd like see Paul build Trey Anastasio a Languedoc-killing hollowbody II. Even better, the "HBIII" ... get it? III? "Trey"?
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    To bleed or not to bleed...

    Once I let it bleed I squirmed around for the first week or so but now I have to have them on all my guitars. But it suits my style of playing, type of gain (overdrive) that I use. I ordered a PRS volume pot after mine started going, and when the prices dropped to a reasonable amount.
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    NJA15D - NGD - JA-15

    I hope that hole brought the price down a little. Right?
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    NAD - Sonzera 20

    Cool amp. If only PRS dealers could stock them so us less-inclined-to-puchase-before-playing types could demo the freakin things. Seriously. You can't sell a $700 amp to dealers? $4k guitar order? Sure! $700 amp? Nah.
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    Just, WOW.
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    How to stop bridge posts turning when bridge removed?

    Second the blue painters tape. Thats what I do with my HBII. Easy peasy.
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    Private Stock Hollowbody I with no pickups

    Hmm. They're not like acoustic jazz boxes, I have to wonder what's the point of the no pickups?
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    Vela...convince me

    You want a Tele, get a Tele. You want a guitar that is lightweight, feels awesome in your hands, and spits out sweet tones... get a Vela. I played a used (regular model) one recently and was impressed.
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    Dweezil Zappa: Trademark Battle Update

    Wow that's pretty lousy. While I'm here I want to say bring back the PRS Dweezil Zappa Private Stock design. I still want one.