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    NGD Custom 24-08

    Looks great! I really like natural back on it.
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    Valentine's Gift....

    Wow! I’ve always liked the brush-stroke birds.
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    Funding Secured!!

    That is nice! Congrats!
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    What's your favorite neck profile?

    I’m real particular about the feel of a neck profile. For me, it’s wide thin. Pattern thin may be ok for me, but I haven’t tried one yet.
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    PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Tremol-no Issues

    I bought one for my SE and ran into the exact same issue. I ended up just blocking the trem instead.
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    Thoughts on using, or not using, the split coil option.

    I use the split coil for 80’s Pop tones. It’s close enough for my ear anyway.
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    Have you found "THE One"??? I think I have....

    My “one” is my 2013 SE Custom 24. So much so that as of today it is the only guitar I own. I sold off my others, and shipped the last one out today. Nothing compares to it. Even other guitars that were better on paper, didn’t equal it when it came to playability. There may be something else...
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    International flight - checking in a guitar case...

    Glad it made it ok!
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    taking all strings of a tremelo bridge

    I blocked mine but you can just put a pencil or something in there to hold the bridge for you while you clean it up.
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    Pearl Jam or Soundgarden? Go!

    Soundgarden. I'll take Chris Cornell's vocals any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
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    Sabbath or Zeppelin? Go!

    Both are great! Tough to compare and choose one over the other, however, I'd lean towards Sabbath over Zeppelin though.