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    I played a Vela today

    I absolutely love my Vela. I did replace my switch though. I love everything about it. The looks, the feel, the tone/versatility.
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    Anyone here ever put throback pickups in a PRS

    So I just picked up a gorgeous 2004 blue matteo McCarty with birds. Got it cheap because the guy put duncans in it. I have a set of mxv 102 throbacks I'm probably going to put in it. Anyone ever try throbacks in their PRS?
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    Finally Found a Victim

    Man what a steal!
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    NGD - S2 Custom 24 + Blackstar

    Congrats, I have a blackstar ht20 that I love
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    Singlecut S2 Tonal Issues

    I agree. And while the electronics in the similarly priced Gibsons are the same as their more expensive lines, I feel Gibson cuts corners on other things. I tried a couple Les Pauls that were in the $900 range that the fret ends were so overhanging the fretboard and sharp that you would cut...
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    S2 Sub Par Parts?

    I wouldn't worry about it. I had an old se I bought used back when the bodies had no carve. After years of gigging with it I never had an issue with any of the electronics. I have an S2 I just got and I'm not concerned. No way PRS will put something that's of poor quality in their guitars.
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    NGD!! Got my S2 last night!

    Congrats, the S2 line is great. Smokes Gibson
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    Mira S2 Satin

    Congrats. I just got a satin S2 Std 24. I hope they make the Mira in satin on a regular basis in the future. I want a semi hollow one.
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    The "Show Off Your Tremonti" Thread

    Congrats. I have the same one possibly same year also, I need to check my serial number. It was before they got sued by Gibson. It's a great guitar.
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    NGD: McCarty 594 Private Stock!

    Stunning guitar.
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    New to PRS, just got a SE Santana with a rather odd neck

    Congrats man, you got a special one there.
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    NGD - The White, err, Sunburst Whale is Mine!!!

    Gorgeous guitar and case. I'm hoping to get an S2 satin Mira with birds if PRS decides to make them in satin.
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    I also added a Tremol no so I could lock it in dive bomb only mode and change tunings during a show.
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    Very nice congrats. I have the same color se cust 24 Floyd. It's a killer guitar.