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    All things must pass

    Wishing you the best of luck Shawn!
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    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    Archtop and the JA-15 I'd love to see PRS do an annual "out of the vault" deal where they allow for orders of discontinued products for a year. Something like the SSH, where it's a limited edition, and allows the dealers to take pre-orders or other runs.
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    PRS Semi-Hollow Custom Special 22 vs 35th Anniversary Custom 24

    I've had both (CU24 and SSH), and still have the SSH. The Narrowfield adds so much color to the positions it's used with. The SSH is a utilitarian guitar that does everything so well. You can get the regular non 10-top version and have a monster instrument that will work in any situation.
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    What picks do you favor for playing with your PRS?

    I've never tried real turtle shell, and I have zero desire. I use the Guthrie Govan signatures because it has the shape I prefer. The coin edge is also neat for scraping effects. As far as advantage, that's difficult for me to qualify. I think it would be like saying the advantages over one...
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    What picks do you favor for playing with your PRS?

    It's funny how you tend not to lose a pick that you spent $35, compared to the dozen for $5 Dunlops I used to use. For my Django style, I play a $20 Wegen, which is fairly vanilla in that world, and the Red Bears for everything else. Like you said, it's silly that people won't think twice...
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    New to PRS guitars

    I think you've made a great selection!
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    New to PRS guitars

    I have both types (I don't have a CU24 anymore), but I tend to think of the guitar by it's intended purpose. My 24 fret guitar is when I pretend I'm playing for Dream Theater, otherwise I'm quite content with 22 frets. In my real life, I very rarely need to play notes that high up. FWIW, I've...
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    New to PRS guitars

    That's why it would be a great idea to sell the guitars yourself instead of losing 40-60% of the value of the guitar when you trade in. Post the guitars up on Reverb, FB Marketplace, and Craigslist, and make a much bigger dent on what you can afford. I would think your spouse would be more...
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    Semi Hollow Special - Can I justify it?

    I have a SSH (just the normal run, not WL), and the Narrowfield, along with the tap options make the guitar extremely versatile. I think P245 and SSH are different enough from each other to warrant having both. The shorter scale on the P245, and the piezo, would IMO make the two instruments...
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    Sapwood in Ziricote Fretboard - a problem?

    Glad you decided to keep it. I think the entire guitar is absolutely stunning. I like character on my guitars. Things like mineral streaks in the maple or some streaking in the ebony are subtle reminders that the instrument was made from something that was once alive and unique. The back of...
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    PRS @ Local Pawn Shop Custom 22??

    It looks like a fake hybrid between a CU22 and SE CU22 (does that even exist?). The headstock string pull is supposed to be straight The hand scoop on the treble cutaway is incorrectly shaped Truss rod cover is wrong (but that could just be an aftermarket change) Could just be the pictures, but...
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    PRS SE Mark Holcomb SVN nut question and tuning stability

    This isn't going to answer your question directly, but the answer is whichever nut has been cut correctly and is burr free and lubricated. A badly cut Graphtech nut is worse than a well cut plastic nut.
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    Good buys at the accessory store right now.

    The floating guitar stands are on sale too, I grabbed two of them. The base is very heavy, and they look great. Function and style wrapped up in a very visually appealing stand.
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    What Fender neck is closer to Pattern Regular?

    Absolutely love the finish on the guitar. Congrats!