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    Is the shipping problem delaying the SE line?

    Well darn... that makes me feel better about my guitar situation.
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    Help - Authenticity Check

    I know I'm late to the party on this thread, but I would caution against it... look at the built up dust on the nut... this guitar obviously sat out a lot and didn't see a lot of play. Which is why it probably doesn't have the case with it. Nitro sitting in a stand for a long time can damage the...
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    Is the shipping problem delaying the SE line?

    Fair enough. I dont see how it wouldn't impact it either. I guess, mostly I have no idea how PRS imports the SE line. I'm just trying to learn a little about the backup rather than jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. I know I will eventually get the guitars, and the longer I wait, the...
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    Is the shipping problem delaying the SE line?

    Hi all, just wanted to hear general thoughts about the impact of the shipping issue in the US and the SE line and see if anyone else has had issues getting their ordered guitars. I know PRS is doing everything they can, so this is definitely not a complaint thread rather it is to understand the...
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    Nitrocellulose Finish

    Be very careful with nitro finishes and ALWAYS put yours back in the case when finished. I have a les paul covered in nitro. It was a limited edition very special run and paid close to $6k for it. I placed it in the guitar stand for a few days and the paint melted where the stand was touching...