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    A Compendium Of Truly Terrible Dad Jokes

    I bought polarized glasses to reduce glare, but why do people still look at me disapprovingly when I make a dank pun?
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    Options for finish touch ups

    On poly, any touch-up attempts will still show some difference, such as drop fills, even if it is relatively nominal. Other reputable refinishers like Pat Wilkins will say pretty much the same thing. I've gotten some minor dents buffed out on an older core I bought awhile back, bu even then they...
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    A Compendium Of Truly Terrible Dad Jokes

    I keep hearing about lawyers working pro-bono. Are there any lawyers out there that work anti-Bono that I can use to sue the band U2?
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    A Compendium Of Truly Terrible Dad Jokes

    How many calories do you burn when you run away from your responsibilities and your problems?
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    A Compendium Of Truly Terrible Dad Jokes

    I just can't stand sitting.
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    Pick-up replacement

    Based on that information, you should get a Nissan Frontier and a Toyota Tacoma.
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    What do you take to make your PRS sing!?

    For years, it's been a boosted Dual Rectifier when it comes to tube amps. But I've really enjoyed the Archon 100 in more recent times. That has replaced said Dual Rectifier. I'm not opposed to digital, either. I've gotten some really good mileage out of both the Axe-FX and the KPA as well.
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    Photos, let's see 'em

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    What is your favorite amp?

    PRS Archon 100. Honorable mentions go to: MESA/Boogie Rectifier with a tubescreamer in front, as well as a Bogner Uberschall.
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    Your choice for a $100-ish Wah

    Morley has been my go-to wah pedal for years.
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    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    Regarding the currently discontinued colors, Scarlet Red. Ruby, as well.
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    Custom 24 replacement pickup recommendations

    I've been a fan of the BKP Nailbombs and Holydivers for that type of sound. Dragon 1's have been hard to come by for years, even harder to come by without being listed as price gougers sadly.
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    Do I go Modeler or Not

    I've been using the Axe-FX (and KPA) and I like it for different reasons than my tube setup (Archon + MESA cab). It's tough to go wrong with digital units, especially when they sound great without the older hassles regarding travel when needed. Case in point, made this awhile back with a...
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    If money was no object what PRS guitar would you have

    If money was no object, a private stock Singlecut Trem with 24 frets. Same for having a 7 string variant, too. So far, there has sadly never been a 24 fret Singlecut that made it to core or S2 production. This doesn't count any SE-related material which lacked the colors I'm not into anyway, and...