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    Hollowbody II With Piezo or Without

    For what it's worth, jumping back into this old thread, I've definitely found myself blending the piezo into the mags when playing clean a fair bit recently. It gives the tone a nice bit of almost single-coil-like brightness. Usually I only have it on like 3 or 4 but feel like it's a significant...
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    SE HB2P Truss Rod Wrench size?

    I know that most of the PRS SE guitars use a 7mm wrench ... but the SE Hollowbodies are made in a different factory, so I just want to confirm that's the right size, not the 5/16ths used on US guitars or anything else? Thanks!
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    Why did you choose the hollowbody you did, and if it's the 594, do you wish you had a piezo?

    I have the SE HB2 Piezo and I absolutely love blending in a tiny bit of the piezo with the mags when playing clean. It really gives the guitar just a little bit of brightness and sparkle that sounds really lovely. If I ever get a core, I'll be super tempted by the 594 scale length - I...
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    Semi Hollow vs Hollowbody, CE vs Core

    Evidently on the SE HBii Piezo there's no room to do more than one push-pull pot for coil splitting: the piezo control unit is in the way. The consensus seems to be that you'd have to put in mini-toggles, and somebody here reached out to PRS and they said it shouldn't be an issue to put them in...
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    PRS Chris Robertson SE

    These were released for a while in the states. I have one. Really nice guitar. Not quite sure it's the perfect guitar for me (bridge pickup a little too spikey, neck pickup a little too everything) but I love the way it looks and plays. (Not going to consider selling it until after I upgrade...
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    Semi Hollow vs Hollowbody, CE vs Core

    I second the recommendation to try out the SE HBii Piezo (as opposed to the Standard) first. It's got the longer scale length, so I suspect you might end up preferring the 594HB (I'm pretty sure I would if I had the money for one. I've avoided playing one for just that reason). But it's...
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    Show off your Chris Robertson guitars!

    Here's mine. Definitely planning on a pickup swap for it. I'd like something lower-output. But I've mostly been playing my SE HBii lately so I haven't felt that motivated to do it. I absolutely love the feel and playability of this guitar, but not so much the sound. I also love how it looks...
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    NGD – 2 False starts and a winner

    Congrats! So glad it worked out. I am a little curious why you want three Bernies. I'm all for collecting, but do you have them set up differently or different PUs or what?
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    Decision is made

    I literally had a moment of "damn, I want one of those ..." before I realized that I HAVE one of those and love it.
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    Pickup replacements for SE Chris Robertson

    It's the import version of 57/08, but it's also called a "57/08s +" - e.g., it's a little hotter than the standard 57/08 pickups.
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    Pickup replacements for SE Chris Robertson

    Hey all! Getting an HB2 has reminded me both how much I like the looks and feel of my Chris Robertson, but also how much the pickups are just not giving me what I want. Those pickups really seem like they just want to give you "more" - the p90 is a massive wall of sound and the bridge has a...
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    The Eternal Question: How many watts?

    I figure we're not THAT far from tech like this replacing tube amps almost completely. But I've never had a pure tube amp. If not now, when?
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    The Eternal Question: How many watts?

    So I've been eyeing a Bassbreaker for a little while and suspect it's about time to make the leap from my hybrid VoxAV30. I like that amp, but, you know, at some point we all have to dive in to some real pure tube goodness, right? But I find myself stuck between the 15 and the 30r. Most of my...
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    Recommendations for Good Sounding Quiet Amps

    I think the Katana is a great beginner amp and it's great for people who like effects ... but it's not great for people who want easy-to-dial in organic-sounding edge-of-breakup tube tones. I might recommend, instead, the Vox AV30. It's essentially a 1-watt tube amp connected to a 29-watt...
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    S2 McCarty vs S2 Custom 24 for vintage clean humbucker > single coil

    For a vintage sound from PRS you want the S2 594 moreso than the S2 Custom 24. Singlecut? Double-cut? That's more of a personal choice.