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    Album Demo

    Aha - thank you, guys - it's good to know that the music is enjoyable.. it'll be a little while off but this is a real milestone for me, in my life! And thank you for your best wishes...
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    Album Demo

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    Quilted Maple Top Worship!

    Just wanted to say thanks for your best wishes - sorry for my late reply - things are hectic as you can guess. So that'll be me down to one PRS but the orange one was always my fave anyway. It'd cost me quite a lot to buy one similar to my purple one back again due to price rises over the...
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    NDG: 1991 Goldtop custom

    Holy shiiiiit that is amazing!!
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    N5D - 594 WL

    Damn... Uncovered 57/08s are the best.
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    N5D - 594 WL

    Details for the one on the left, please.. very nice!
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    N5D - 594 WL

    Phwoar!!! To both!!!
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    PRS DGT vs. Suhr Standard Pro Strat

    Years ago I purchased a Cu24 over a pro s4. It was the right decision. I now have a pro s4, too. Totally amazing. I'd say more character per pickup position. But PRS cuts through in the band better. The suhr is thinner sounding. They're all great guitars, you can't go wrong. DGT sounds great but...
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    Unsatisfied with volume and tone knob quality

    Have to say I love the lamp shades. Speed knobs are horrid IMO.
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    Prs custom 24 vs les paul

    While 594 are cool I can't help but feel they're so similar to LPs. Not that other manufacturers don't do the same. Everybody's raving about them but sniff at LPs. I'll stick to the "real" PRS - my custom 24s. In any case... I think if you want an LP type guitar, get an LP - they have a honky...
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    Anyone playing only/mostly PRS these days??

    When I was gigging in the rock band I only gigged PRS Cu24 - top quality, great look and sounds, never went out of tune. However I also have a Suhr strat-style guitar which is fantastic and also a Larrivee acoustic which is out of this world good.
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    PRS 509!!

    I think it will be awesome...