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    Should i dump my SE Mira for an S2 standard 22...theres only 1 thing though...

    Never too many...AND S2 is different from core models anyway. I'd say do it!
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    What is your favorite amp?

    I have lots of amps....but this 30 anniversary ENGL invader I think is my favorite for now.
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    Thoughts about how to raise my cab/head.

    That amp stand is AWESOME.....way better than me recommending using a chair. LOL
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    Help me choose an amp with DI/IR capabilities

    Yup! (in a big texas voice) I say buy the amp you like. I have some separate reactive load boxes and a couple of SM57s for the amps that don't have built in IR. I don't let the IR capability "Fence me in" when choosing amps, if it's got it great, if not...well I have other ways of running...
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    Help me choose an amp with DI/IR capabilities

    I have a Badlander 100 and a Runt 20...which is what the JJ junior is based off of. The Badlander has the IR options a plenty that's for sure! It is a real kick in the pants to play. So I voted for the Badlander.
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    String gauge drop. Complicated?

    I've done lots of gauge changes on my guitars. This should not be complicated at all and pretty straight forward. You'll probably have to add tension on the trem springs on the guitars with 9s. Loosen trem springs on the custom 24 with 10s. Making a small move from 10s to 9.5s...your 594...
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    The most beautiful blue colorway

    Wow that's HOT!
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    Solved / Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    I have my PS guitar on rotation playing out quite a bit. No one really knows what it's worth they just see a guitar and its no different from any of my others in that regard.
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    Black coloring on strings after few hours of play

    This is the strings still sound good? closed. I use mostly Elixirs, PRS sigs, and NYXLs on my guitars and by the time I'm done playing and stabilizing the guitar.....I'll find black spots where I was picking.
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    Faded whale blue turned greyish-green?

    This!! My SC250 is a 2010 and my CU24 is a 2015. 2010 hasn’t faded a bit because it’s either in its case or in LED lighting mostly. The 2015 is faded more cuz I can’t keep in the case. I…must….play…
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    Faded whale blue turned greyish-green?

    1+ to what all others said.....I'm the owner of a Faded "Blue Fade" cu24.....It was faded pretty bad by UV from fluorescent lighting and a few outdoor gigs...where i didn't case the guitar. I love the way the faded "blue fade" has come to look! I think that guitar looks spectacular! Below is...
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    Want to run a Mesa boogie 2x12 and a PRS MT-15 Cab

    You really want to match the Impedances when running two cabs. If you ran them together the 16ohm will be quieter. If that mesa cab has a pair of 16ohm speakers in it you could re-wire it for 8ohms.
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    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    Its the Runt 20....with the 65w creamback cab.
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    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    I was gigging this this past weekend.