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    Private Stock Friday

    This is the "Vine" Inlay, first seen on the 30th Anniversary McCarty and later on the Private Stock Single Cut Archtop ... Its very Classic and not an often enough inlay used today.. This guitar should be in our inventory by the weekend..

    New Korina Guitar Day

    Nice Pickup my friend!

    25th Anniversary Dragons...mean 2x the FUN!

    We are fortunate to Land a Couple of 25th Anniversary Dragons into our Storefront... The inlays are the most incredible work, and the EYE of the Dragons just make you GASP.... Blue Burst...

    A Couple of 594 Singlecuts just arrived... Check them out @GtrMav

    The 594 SC always seem to be slower into the store, but we just received a couple that are worth you checking out! The Obsidian 10 Top has a Hybrid Package option and weighs in at 8lbs 7.9 ounces... Spectacular Top, and with the Natural Back is a Superb Choice...

    All things must pass

    Best of Luck Shawn... Hope you find much success in your new adventure. You have been a staple at PRS, and always more than helpful to me as well...

    NEW! Rare McCarty Model Pernambuco Neck Private Stock with Triple Humbuckers at GTRMAV...

    We are very proud to offer for SALE this AMAZING Private Stock Guitar! This guitar is another that could not be built when we originally asked about Pernambuco several years ago.... Someone will be a VERY LUCKY Owner of this Guitar...

    PRS Pauls Guitar Special Translucent Nebula Back 2020 Royal Cobalt Blue

    Actually the packing list calls this Faded Blue Jean, so it’s pretty amazing...I guess they didn’t really know the name. Also, I’ve only heard speculation about the translucent finish... it was a total surprise!!

    PRS Pauls Guitar Special Translucent Nebula Back 2020 Royal Cobalt Blue

    WE always get GREAT Guitars from PRS but Occasionally we get some UNBELIEVABLY special guitars at Guitar Maverick.. I'm guessing its kinda a "Sprayers Choice Test Guitar" of some sort... Kinda left Speechless as the Translucent Nebula Type Finish is just stunning. I have lots of questions...

    35th PS Dragon arrives at GTRMAV..

    These are better in person than photos can ever show.... Someone is going to be very Lucky to grab this one!!!
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    A couple of New DGT arrivals you should see!

    Recent arrivals, and Great Tops on these 2 DGTs!! Faded Blue Jean 10 Top, Natural Back, Hybrid Hardware Dark Cherry Burst, NON 10 Top, Nickel Hardware, Cherry Stain...
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    Just Arrived a 2020 Experience 594 SC with IRW Neck at GtrMav

    Once in a while, we are really BLOWN Away by the Creative Works of PRS! Can't imagine the Buzz that this guitar would have gotten at the XPRS event if it went forward... Packing List calls this a Custom Color, and I have NO ideal the number of these that were made! We are very happy to have...
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    Probably the most UNIQUE non 10 Maple I've seen and its a SC594 Soap Bar

    Since inquiring minds have asked... this one is still available... Come on! It’s definitely a unicorn!!
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    NAD: DG 30 head!

    Congrats Pete! Rock on Brother!
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    2 New 35th Anniversary Custom 24 have arrived at GtrMav!

    We are really excited to get these 2 new models in the door... The small Headstock Eagles, Truss Rod Cover, Great 10 Tops and Mini Switches make this a really Spectacular Value in my opinion...each one as a special feature unique to themselves.. Charcoal Blue Burst.. Check out the Wrapped Blue...
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    New 2020 DGT Custom Color just arrives at GtrMav

    This custom color is best described as Dirty Blonde if I had to guess... Its an extra guitar that showed up only yesterday. For a NON 10 Top and Custom Color this is the BOMB! Great weight too at 7lbs 12.7oz...