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    Hollowbody II Piezo rattling

    My Core Hollowbody II Piezo has a strange rattling sound on certain frequencies, an unpleasant vibration or resonance that sounds terrible acoustically and is probably impacting the amplified sound as well. After some investigation I isolated it to the battery mechanism. If I pull the battery...
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    Variability amongst Pattern neck shapes?

    Another theory I have is the difference in action. The action on the neck that feels fatter to me is a little higher than the neck that feels thinner.
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    Variability amongst Pattern neck shapes?

    Measurements are of width and depth, they don’t account for shape. Two necks could have the same width and depth but be very different.
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    Variability amongst Pattern neck shapes?

    I have two PRS guitars with Pattern necks, a 2018 Hollowbody II Piezo and a 2020 Special Semi-Hollow. The necks on these guitars couldn’t feel more different to me despite both being Pattern necks and measuring the same on my calipers. The 2020 SSH feels very comfortable and I wouldn’t describe...
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    Question re 2018 PRS Hollowbody II Piezo

    My new guitar arrived and it does indeed have the non-LT 58/15 pickups. They are fantastic and I’m in love.
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    Question re 2018 PRS Hollowbody II Piezo

    I don’t think that’s accurate. I looked at about 20 sold listings for 2018 Hollowbody IIs on Reverb and almost all of them had the LTs. A few had the non-LTs. I also looked at the 2017 models and they all had non-LTs, so it seems the transition occurred some time in 2018.
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    Question re 2018 PRS Hollowbody II Piezo

    I have a 2018 on its way to me. The tag with the case candy says 58/15 pickups not 58/15LT. Were those standard in 2018 or is it possible the tag is wrong? How can I tell when I receive it? Are the pickups marked?
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    Hollowbody II Piezo Changes through the years?

    I'm interested in the answer here as well. I'm looking at a Hollowbody I that has been upgraded from the Artist pickups to 57/08's. Other than the fact that the Hollowbody II has a maple back and the Hollowbody I has a mahogany back, are there any other key differences? Is the piezo system on...
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    PRS 594 Semi-Hollow - what on earth is this neck pickup label sitch?

    I was thinking either Copperhead or Yellow Tiger
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    Silver Sky Changes

    On another forum someone who owns an older and a newer version says that the newer one has lower output pickups than the hotter older one. I haven’t seen anyone else on any forum confirming that. Does anyone here have any knowledge of a change in pickups?
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    For the love of Faded Blue Jean

    2019 Paul’s Guitar, Faded Blue Jean 10 Top
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    Special 22 Semi Hollow (SSH) Modification Thread

    Beautiful guitar! I find with mine that the tone knob is more useful than on many of my other guitars. If I want a really vintage tone I’ll roll the tone all the way back to 4. It still sounds great even at that level. If I want maximum spank from the 2 and 4 positions I’ll roll it all the way...
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    Limited vs new Core Special Semi-hollowbody models

    Gorgeous! What color is that?
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    Limited vs new Core Special Semi-hollowbody models

    I have both a Special Semi-Hollow and a Paul's Guitar with TCI pickups. In my experience the 58/15MTs in tapped mode sound very close to the TCI pickups in full humbucker mode. The TCI's when split sound very thin and anemic to me, whereas the 58/15MT's sound fantastic in tapped mode...