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    NGD! Finally.

    Congrats brother! The wife and I did the very same thing in’s the autumn sky one, on the right, in my forum pic. It’s a lifetime keeper, just like my wife of 32 years! Seems like you have two keepers, too! Keep on rockin’!
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    The next Klon

    Try the Analogman King of Tone version IV. The clean boost is probably the best on the market, and the overdrive/distoration side is very articulate and flexible. I bought both of mine 10+ years ago for $250.00 each.. Unfortunately, they are more than double that now, but are $2000.00 less than...
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    Se silver sky.

    I have always owned a strat, and mine is a 20 year old Custom Shop beauty. I have played several ss, and se “strats” and unfortunately I’m not a fan. The core ss has a 7.25 radius, which for me, makes it unusable, although it looks and feels like a quality guitar. The se version is actually more...
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    Private Stock Friday

    That ”Watery Blue” beauty is a one in a million masterpiece! In my 67 years, I’ve never seen one as captivating, and beautiful as that one. Bravo, to the team that crafted that incredible work of art! Whoever gets that one, is one very fortunate individual.
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    They changed the Vela neck pickup?!?

    Why mess with perfection? The D type pickup suits the Vela just fine! ( spelling errors courtesy of Jack Daniels, (thank you very much!)
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    Best Gig Bag for my DGT

    Mono ftw…they are the best.
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    Jeff Beck Tour

    I’ve seen Jeff about a dozen times, and he is THE Grand Master of “otherworldly sounds”, tones and unbelievably lyrical leads. He has always surrounded himself with amazing rhythm sections, and very orchestral keyboardists. During the 70’s he had some incredible bands, but they never worked out...
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    What PRS pickup has less high end? The 59/09 or the 57/08? And other questions

    Go for the Vela with a 57/08 bridge, and I put a late 60’s Gibson mini-hum bucket in the neck…talk about great tone! ( not trying to hijack the thread, just commenting on the project of a fellow forum brother!) as for the 57/08/ 59/09 combo, I have that in a Custom 22…try it, you might just love it!
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    Paul's stoptail

    I’m waiting on a gorgeous Paul’s guitar, (which arrives on Tuesday! ) and the first thing I’m going to do is order the new version of John’s 2300 bridge. I have one on a 2009 McCarty, and it’s an incredibly articulate bridge. The mass of the individual saddles adds “tone” to the whole guitar...
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    The PRS in my collection getting played most right now is_______???

    Right now it’s my 35th anniversary Custom 24 (08) lol! It’s the best custom 24 I’ve had, since my 1989 custom 24ce, which set me on the PRS path/addiction for the past 33 years! It still holds a place of honor in my collection.
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    Custom 24-08 with neck OTHER than Pattern Thin?

    I have a custom 24, 35th anniversary with a pattern regular neck, I would not have bought it if it had a pattern thin neck..I can’t work with the thin neck, and yes, to me it makes a big difference. I have tendon damage, and the pattern thin causes me pain, and cramping. I searched for about a...
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    Which is the one PRS to rule them all?

    My 2019 Limited Edition Custom 22 semi-hollow special. It handles a lot of styles, convincingly. Plus, it’s just as effective on stage as it is in the studio. It covers more ground, for me, than any other single guitar that I own.
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    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    I’ll second the Brent Mason, and the 513...But the one I miss most is the Paul’s Guitar, with the tremolo! I had one and foolishly let it go. In my defense it weighed in at almost nine pounds, which is over my self-imposed weight limit. I also used the funds from that sale to acquire my beloved...
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    Replacement buttons for tweaked Phase III tuners

    Check with the PTC. I believe they have to tighten or loosen them. Before You take them off, I would definitely check with them.
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    Love Wasn't In My Special Plan.

    Les, you hit the nail on the head. I compare the Special’s tones to the sweetest strat, tele, and p90 tones. Oh.. and by the way, you can cover LP, SG and 335 tones as an extra added bonus. In the studio, it takes very little eq-ing to get a truckload of great tones from the Special. On stage, I...