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    Black coloring on strings after few hours of play

    Get some Ernie ball wonderwipes and clean the fretboard.
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    First NGD in years

    Congrats! Pics or it doesn't exist :)
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    First PRS was delivered today and I'm considering my options...

    Return it. That is a massive dent. You shouldn't have to deal with that on a NEW guitar!
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    New Wood Library DGT Artist Quilt Run starting to arrive

    So much drool I’m out of tissues……:p
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    NGD - OMG PRS guitars are amazing

    Sorry to reply to my own post but I have something to share. Playing the 594 makes me appreciate the CE’s pattern thin neck profile. What a wonderful combination of guitars!! I can’t wait to hear and play the CE with the Mannmade trem upgrade.
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    NGD Finally!!

    Congratulations!! Unreal!
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    NGD - OMG PRS guitars are amazing

    Thanks all!! Loving every minute of these guitars. I always wondered what PRS was all about. Now i know! Also, CS got back to me. The 594 is indeed Blood Orange. Outstanding finish!! And FWIW, this bad boy will be in full view 24/7/365 so I can grab it and rock out at any moment. :cool...
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    NGD - OMG PRS guitars are amazing

    Takes one to know one !!! Hahahaha!!
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    Enjoying my new PRS life!

    Enjoying my new PRS life!
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    Why PRS is gaining share in the guitar market

    Who's Shawn? Sorry - noob question likely.
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    NGD - OMG PRS guitars are amazing

    Blood Orange - now that one hadn't occurred to me! You may be right on that. I'll do some digging around the interwebs and see if I can find some pics. You'll notice on my avatar pic the slight burst shows up better than in the larger pic above. EDIT.....sure, one quick search and I find its...
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    NGD - OMG PRS guitars are amazing

    Regarding the title - you all already know that ;) VERY lucky to score great deals on both of these beauties in the past week or so. 2019 McCarty 594 10 top on the left (waiting on color name from CS) and 2017 Vintage Sunburst CE 24. Mannmade trem replacement incoming for the CE. Will be...
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    McCarty Vintage vs Locking Tuners

    The guitar certainly has a smell to it that my CE24 doesn't. I'm guessing that's the Nitro finish.
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    NGD: I'm a bit in awe...

    WOW!! I don’t know how you could find a more beautiful guitar! Unless it was RED of course… ;). Outstanding score and CONGRATS!!! EDIT>>> is that your first PRS?
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    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    There goes the neighborhood :cool: