Longtime player, pro since '75. Performer, session musician, studio engineer & owner, sometime producer. My 87 PRS is still my favorite guitar of all time.
Bunch of stompboxes on my rehearsal rig. I'm one of those dinosaurs that still uses a rack on stage & in the studio.
Various Boogies incl 70s Mk II, early 80's SOB, early 90s Triaxis/20:20. Also have a handful of 50s & 60s amps from Fender, Magnatone, Silvertone. And a recent issue Friedman.
Acoustic Guitars
'49 Gibson, '63 Framus, '68 Supro, '74 Guild, '75 Ovation, '85 Martin
Electric Guitars
PRSs vintage & modern incl a 20th Anniversary Custom 24, a DGT, a McCarty with 57/08s, a korina/Brazilian McCarty, a CE22, and a Starla. Also have : Les Pauls, a Moderne, Strats/Floydcasters, Firebirds, Teles, Explorers, DT McNaught singlecut, James Tyler Studio Custom, SG Custom, Parker Fly VR, a Backlund 400, a Backlund100, MusicMan Albert Lee, MusicMan Armada, Vox SSC55, Epi Wildkat, Tokai SilverStar, Washburn BT-2 Maverick, Eko 300, Eko Kadet, and Hagstroms vintage and modern, and a handful of MIJ axes- Tokai, Greco, Burny, Edwards & Orville.

Plus a small bevy of basses: Fenders, a customshop Thunderbird, '69 Hagstrom, '72 Ibanez Jazz Bass, '89 Ibanez Roadstar, Ibanez VR bass


"Brains have been washed. Wheels have been greased. Fear has been mongered.
Now we prepare for the final stage of our conspiracy theory."


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