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    Opinions on Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkey strings

    Looking for experience with EB cobalt slinkies. I've been running traditional nickel strings but am considering their cobalts on my '89 CU24 and McNaught singlecut. What say you?
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    PRS guitars that you own and what do you want

    My '89 employees model based on a Custom 24. It covers so many bases I probably use it for 80% of the gig. Also like the singlecuts, but the McNaught has that covered. Would like a P22 or hollowbody with the peizo for the acoustic stuff we do. More pics at the gear link below.
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    PRS meme thread!

    What are the odds the first song he played was by Ted Nugent.
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    Cobalt Strings

    As hot as the stock pickups are on my '89 PRS, I can't imagine needing higher output.
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    One PRS and one non-PRS desert isle guitars

    I'd have to leave the strat behind and bring the 89 PRS and McNaughty Singlecut.
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    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    I don't like the mild American beers. Give me something with some flavor like a Guinness, Tucher Dunkle, or some of the IPAs (Two Hearted, Harpoon). Also like Unibrou's Trois Pistoles for a hearty strong ale. Dammit, now you've made me thirsty and it's late and all I've got left in the fridge...
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    Your fav PRS artist

    Jimmy Herring on his hollowbody. Emil working on breaking the basic laws of nature and physics.