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    McCarty 594 bridge differences

    I swapped the two different type of bridges in between my early 2020 SC594 and later 2020 594 S2. Zero string height adjustment required. The tonal difference is subtle to my ear, slightly more low mid (or less high) from the square type saddles. Personally I prefer the LP tyle on SC594 and...
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    Does PRS have/or has made a Tele-like guitar?

    I think my 2020 S2 594 has the tele vibe, the attack of the tone does remind me of a good tele. Of course you will need a pair of single coil sounding humbucker to make it closer.
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    6.8lb Limited Edition Custom 22 from 2007. Is that even possible?

    I had a Cu22 that was so light I suspected it's chambered.
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    What's the PRS guitar Mark Lettieri played?

    I have been searching for answers since I saw him played on live stream, does anyone know? He did mention it's not a "updated" Silver Sky...Hope it can be a new model for 2021!
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    Comparison of DC594, SC594, and Gibson Les Paul Neck Profiles/Cutaways/Body

    I have both 594 and SC594, my SC594 seems to have thinner neck than DC594 though. Guess it just a variation from the factory.
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    Strap Locks that fit PRS factory strap buttons

    I used to hate PRS strap bottom but I recently realized they are pretty much the best and "lock" the strap real tight.
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    What's Coming in 2021?

    I saw Mark Lettieri played a PRS SSH bolt-on guitar, hope it comes to production!