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    NGD - WARNING 1989 Pron inside!

    Can't believe it's an 89, she's a beauty. Love the mini toggle.
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    What´s this, Mr. Tremonti?!

    Not my cup of tea but would love to see another picture.
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    Which pickups should I get for my new PRS 7 string?

    For me I found the stock pickups to be muddy. I play through a Mesa dual rec, a fender blues Jr. And I also own a kemper. What I like about the JB is the clarity of the pickup. It's a tough decision as there are so many choices.
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    Which pickups should I get for my new PRS 7 string?

    Blues and use to play metal. The JB is bright but clear. It's not muddy at all and I just love the tone of it. It not overly bright but it's great for blues and rock.
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    Which pickups should I get for my new PRS 7 string?

    For me personally, it's a JB. I drop them in most guitars, have one in my PRS 7 and slays. Bare knuckles are nice, over priced IMO but that's just me, some love them and for good reason.
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    custom 24 trem bar and the case...

    I always take it out and have never had a problem with it. I've never had to adjust it either, fits like a glove.
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    Sticky necks

    I own a McCarty and a CU24. I find the CU24 to be more "sticky" then the McCarty for some reason but only after I start playing. This is obviously from sweat so I always clean it before I start to play and sometimes halfway through. Try a McCarty, honestly my favourite anyways as the feel is so...
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    SE 7 String...tell me about it

    My biggest issue was also hitting the wrong strings with my right hand but you adapt. After a while you get use to it and it becomes as is with a 6. I have short fingers so it took some adjustments and a bit of a different approach but for some I know, they had no issues at all. For the...
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    Was bored so...

    Absolutely stunning, congrats on all of them
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    Gas is a cruel mistress

    You can't play paper so spend on something you can play! Worth every penny.
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    PRS Tremolo Cover-On or Off?

    ^^^^ that is a great idea!!!!
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    Custom 24 no birds?

    I picked it up today, as expected it's a tone machine. It's in mint condition and I also like the look of the moons. Big difference between this and my McCarty as far as feel goes.
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    Custom 24 no birds?

    Awesome, thank you so much for the info. I have a McCarty so this will go nice with the collection.
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    Custom 24 no birds?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at a 2004 custom 24 with moon inlays. Does anyone know why it doesn't have birds? Was it an option to opt out for moons? Thanks so much and I'll post pics later of the family of the deal goes through.
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    Heartbreak Warfare (7 strings)

    That Holcomb is sexy as heck. I own a 7 SE but yes, a core model I think is a must in the PRS line.