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    MT 15

    Want!!!! Wonder if they will make a combo as well? For $650 they won’t ever be able keep these in stock
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    Tremonti Signature Archon

    I saw another interview this morning g with tremonti on the thomann Facebook page - 15watt amp, he told them it has to be less than $700. Paul keeps tweaking it but mark is adamant about the sound and price. Sounds like it's still being worked on. My guess is that they are having a hard...
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    Tremonti Pickup issue.

    Good advice and tips thanks! I wasn't necessarily attempting to get the tremonti tone, I just planned to move the 245 SE pickups to another guitar and chose the tremonti set to replace the 245 SE pups. I don't know much about the capacitors and their effect on tone but every tremonti set I've...
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    prs se tremolo saddle screw

    You can buy replacement saddles from the prs store online. The screws would be included. I'd just do that. They're only a couple bucks.
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    Tremonti Pickup issue.

    Digging up this old thread as I'm about to switch the pups in my 245 SE to tremonti pups. I was wondering about the pots which I think I'm going to leave in for now. There is a small orange .022 capacitor on the tone pots already, it I know the tremonti to schematics show a .033 capacitor. I...
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    Reasons to NOT buy another guitar

    I'm shopping for a new car and Lexus ain't cheap lol
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    Strap Locks??

    Schaller on all of mine.
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    Mark Tremonti on his new PRS concept and baritone hybrid (TotalGuitar vid)

    Mark has been playing the baritone on Arm yourself, brains, and tie the noose. They are all pretty low tuning with some heavy chugga chuggas. He's been using the explorer with Sympathy, another heart, and wish you well. Mark uses skinny too heavy bottom strings on all his guitars. That may...
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    Mark Tremonti on his new PRS concept and baritone hybrid (TotalGuitar vid)

    Considering there are 2 new baritones - tbe 277 SE and the 277 hollow body SE - I'd say yes 27.7
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    sleeping on the couch, waiting for Tremonti.

    Congrats! But I Just felt it necessary to mention that at this time of year you should be careful when posting things like this. I don't know how easy it would be for someone here to figure out who/where you are based on profile info or post history, but with all the package thefts all over...
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    Awesome tremonti there! Congrats! Wish I could swing the $$$ for that very same guitar right now!
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    Convince me to buy a Prs SE

    I want pics or this furry friend doesn't see thanksgiving
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    Convince me to buy a Prs SE

    BUY AN SE OR THE BUNNY GETS IT! *holds up daughters stuffed bunny
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    How many of you guys actually PLAY guitar?

    Guitars are meant to be played. Some every day, some on special occasions like my grandfathers all original Pre war j-35 that was given to me. Mostly that is art, but I do play it. The rest of mine get played frequently.
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    2016 line is out!

    Will there be any new colors or changes to the tremonti SE custom?