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    Talk me off or “over” the ledge (Silver Sky)

    There is a reason that AA meetings are not held in bars. No one is here to talk you out of buying a guitar. :)
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    Small finish chip under truss rod cover. Repair advice

    Put the cover back on and forget about it.
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    Tube amps...why?

    Of course the tube amp sound is the best. If you like the convenience of modelers, like I do, great, but the sound you are still going for is the tube sound. A great modeler sounds "just like the real thing." The real thing being, a tube amp. Nobody plugs into a tube amp and says, 'if I keep...
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    Planned vs impulse buy

    Every purchase is an "impulse buy." First, you are not buying. And then, in a instant, you are. ;)
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    NGD: PRS SE Custom 24 Zebrawood - Not Very Happy :(

    Return it and get a used S2 Custom 24. Should be a nice one somewhere at about the same price you paid for the SE. And yes, do the setup yourself. Like me, you seem to be very picky about the setup. I don't trust anyone to setup my guitars BUT me. And then, if it's not right, I know who to...
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    Why the hatred?

    Coming from an original "Gibson and Fender only" guy--It's because PRS is an American brand, but wasn't around in "the golden years," 1954-1964. So how can they be any good? "Clapton and Hendrix never played one." You'll get this kind of comment from "brand lovers." "I bought this thing, and...
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    NGD Part 1 of 2

    Great looking guitar, congrats! Even though the stopbar is strung wrong....
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    PRS QC Issues

    I'll say what I ALWAYS say to posts like this: What if the next one you get looks flawless, but doesn't play as well? These are wooden, painted instruments, largely hand-crafted by less-than-perfect human beings. "Perfection" is rare. Great play-ability and tone is the ultimate goal. On the...
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    Amyone elses #1 a simple S2?

    God help me, I love 'em all, Les Paul, 335, Strat, Tele, Tal Farlow... For the gig, they all stay home--my go-to guitar is the S2 Custom 24.
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    Is this normal?

    One cat. One car. One wife (at a time, that is). One house. One job. MANY guitars. I can't explain....
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    Let's Go Bruins!

    This guy is the bomb!
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    Need some advice on potentionally my first PRS (SE Custom 24). Input needed.

    Offer $250--go as high as $300--well worth it.
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    The G.O.A.T.

    Just as long as you understand that any criticism of the brand is frowned upon...
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    Amp advice

    Playing the Archon at low volume should not be an issue for you--since I would guess you are not chasing "perfect tone" just yet. There will come a time when you WILL WANT that amp, and really wish you had not sold it. Personally, I'd dump the lessons before the Archon, but that's me. But if...
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    SE's, S2's, and Custom 22's

    Play the ones you can afford. Don't play the ones you can't. Works for me. I have no idea what it's like to hear and play a Custom. I land squarely in the used S2/new SE price range. Totally works for me. Both are quality instruments.