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    Band rehearsal during Covid?

    How is that working for you, any lag?
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    Band rehearsal during Covid?

    We’re rehearsing again but are lucky enough to have a large warehouse at our disposal where we can spread out. We used to rehearse in a converted single car garage and several of us weren’t comfortable going back to that space. I also wear a mask when setting up or tearing down since we’re more...
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    NGD....Wood Library!!

    Yep, that’s a beaut!
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    The "I Just Played a ..." thread

    I just played my DGT through a King Tone Duellist (tube screamer side) into an Xotic EP booster into a Dr. Z Remedy at rehearsal (2x12 with Celestion Golds) and wow. Lots of compliments on my sound and I could see/hear why. I could actually hear myself without being too loud because I didn’t...
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    "Cashhhh me outside"

    Love the quilt!
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    Copperhead finish

    Nice looking wood in this thread.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Good luck with the snow!
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    Introduce yourself!

    Vancouver island. Howdy neighbour.
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    NGD (first PRS) Wood Library DGT - Copperhead

    thanks, ya I’ve had the EP Booster for a couple of years and it’s always on for one amp and sometimes on for another. It’s amazing how you think your sound is pretty good then you turn that on and everything is slightly better.
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    NGD (first PRS) Wood Library DGT - Copperhead

    Thanks guys, ya, the neck was what drew me in. I’ve always wanted a flame neck. I’m already back to the 10’s and they do still feel surprisingly thick compared to a Les Paul but I can bend the high E and B strings with more comfort so I think I’m staying here. I only pulled one spring though and...
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    NGD (first PRS) Wood Library DGT - Copperhead

    Hi all, So I joined the club a couple of days ago and thought I share some pics of my new axe. I’ve never owned a PRS before this but went all in on a ‘new to me’ Flamey beast. I might call it blurry since the flame is wide and indistinct. Whoever had it before me had put 10’s on it and took out...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Thanks, My wife is going to kill me...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all, New member here. My names Neal, I play in a blues band on an island In Canada just North and west of Seattle. Started out as a strat guy, studied music at college then realized I wasn’t going to make a living doing this so got a day job and mostly stopped playing for 15 years. Got...
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    What have I done?

    What have I done?
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    My first PRS. I think I'm in love.

    I like the black birds on the maple neck. Nice guitar!