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    NGD, but WHAT?

    Thanks - I'm really enjoying this guitar. As I mentioned in another area of the forum, I've rarely seen an electric guitar with pickups so sensitive to height. I can make this thing sound like single coils if I wanted to. Interesting responses from every screw turn.
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    The importance of pickup height

    I've had a bunch of electrics over the years, but I've rarely had one with pickups so sensitive to pickup height as those on my SE. Is that a characteristic of all PRS guitars?
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    NGD, but WHAT?

    I was looking through the GC site for a guitar to make a gift of for a young friend. I got the gift instead when I found what GC described as a CMC SE Custom. Can anyone give me an idea how to read the serial number so I have some clue how old it is and what the specs are supposed to be? I'd...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hi gang, Since I have no imagination, my screen name is my real name. Same as the comedian, but I had it first. At some other places, I'm known as Stratokatsu. At the risk of upsetting your folks still snowed in up north, I'll be careful to mention I live in Miami, Florida. I'm 65 and just a...