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    Compensated Nut?

    Was wondering what the best solution would be for replacing the nut on a PRS Angelus standard? Should it be made of bone? Compensated? Thanks for any help! David
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    What model is Carlos playing?

    Was wondering if anyone knows what this model is? Could this be a McCarty singlecut or is it the older SC-245? Thanks for any help. Cheers!
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    SC Hollowbody II Question

    I have another SC Hollowbody II incoming and was wondering if the current version of these guitars still have the center block construction? What year did PRS add the center block construction to their Hollowbody II guitars? Thanks for any help. Cheers!
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    Help me find the "famous" Toronto area musician who allegedly owned my guitar...

    I had a similar ( embarrassing ) moment that was probably misinterpreted or misunderstood. Steve or Markie posted a NGD with Celtic knots. I made some reference to "balloon knots". I wasn't aware of my error until much later when I was purchasing a guitar from one of them :( My left...
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    New Prototype leak: 2016 Tremonti

    I could save on floss! :)
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    Not Sayin' Why, But I'm Just Sayin'...

    Way to go Les! Great to hear some of your work as well!
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    Show your F holes.

    Hmmmmmmm :)
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    P245 Semi-Hollow = Full Hollow

    I just found out from PRS that it is officially semi hollow. Maybe they could offer a short scale option as part of their artist package. :)
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    P245 Semi-Hollow = Full Hollow

    He mentions it twice in the video. The 2nd time he says "but it is fully hollow".
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    P245 Semi-Hollow = Full Hollow

    In addition to the statement in the video can anyone confirm that this is indeed fully hollow?
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    Most strat sounding PRS - any 513 owners?

    I like this perspective. :)
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    P245 Semi-Hollow = Full Hollow

    If the P245 Semi-Hollow = Full Hollow then count me in :) At Last! The PRS short scale HB has arrived!