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    Modified Monday

    Gorgeous guitar made even better. Well done!
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    PRS Derek Trucks fans?

    I currently have two of them. Ones twin humbucker (57 classics) the other's triple P90's (Lollars). They are both family members as far as I'm concerned.
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    PRS Derek Trucks fans?

    Derek is one of a kind. An amazing player of the highest caliber.
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    Modified Monday

    Excellent job! I've had great luck with the Artec A5 P90's.
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    Modified Monday

    That shows your great taste in fine tone and an appreciation for my guitar hacking abilities! And I thank you for that.
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    PRS Custom 22

    I don't think you'll ever look back...
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    Bonnie and the Gang

    That's a beauty. Which one of the "gang" is Clyde?
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    SE24 New Pickups?

    I'm very happy with the standard wind Lollar Imperials that I put in my Custom 22. They replaced the Dragon II's that were in there. I also have Amalfitano PAF's in another guitar. Another winner as far as I'm concerned. So many choices...
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    PRS SE going of tune while (not after) bending

    Tightening up on the trem claw screws, under the back plate may offer some degree of help also.
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    Modified Monday

    Hi everyone, I had posted this in another thread but Bodia suggested that it would also be welcomed here. Seeing that it is now officially Monday where I live, I offer you the good people of the PRS Forum my contribution to Modified Monday. As a sucker for triple humbucker guitars I routed my...
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    Customized Custom 22

    I'll do it come Monday. Thanks for the tip. And many thanks to everyone else for the nice comments.
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    Customized Custom 22

    Thanks, you're all way too kind.
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    Customized Custom 22

    I may take some heat for this, maybe not. I just couldn't help myself. I'm a sucker for triple pickup guitars, so I routed my Custom 22 for a middle humbucker. Sold off the Dragon II's and bought a trio of Lollar Imperial standard wind humbuckers. I retained the 5 way rotary switch on the neck...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hello from Florida's west coast. I'm Dave, the dog in the avatar is Charlotte. Long time PRS owner. Got my first Custom 22 in 1998. Still have it. The next came shortly after, but we never bonded. Also had an SE Soapbar for a while. Looking forward to being part of this group and participating...