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    1. Maertl513
      513s are top notch. Okay, I´m biased a little bit, am I?
      You won´t be disappointed in procuring one.
      I don´t know if you are about to safisfy your GAS with stock new or second hand.
      Keep in mind that PRS changed to electrical fundament of the core line 513s with the beginning of 2014. First a PCB (printed circuit board) worked in the electrical compartment. With 2014 PRS handwires the electrical parts.
      Due to Paul´s creed this delivers a more transparent sound.

      Here is a sample dealing with my 513 as rhythm guitar, lead track, and bass track (513 pickups have a bass origin, indeed).

      My proposal: Buy a 513!!!
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    PRS Guitars: 2012 Signature Limited, 2012 JA-15, 2014 HB II Artist, 2014 513 Artist, PS McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow, 2017 Alex Lifeson SE
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