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    S2 Pickup Cover Question

    Thanks! Yes, stock 85/15 "S" pickups. The zebras were a Guitar Center exclusive.
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    513 and it's green

    @WA Paul Right on! Building this layout with my 9yo son as well. Started with the Kato Super Cheif starter set also courtesy of Santa. ;)
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    513 and it's green

    @jak3af3r Same here, grandfather and great grandfather both worked for the railroad in Montana. That's a SD70MACe on the layout. Runs great! Looking at adding a DCC decoder and making the switch before I build out the layout too much more.
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    513 and it's green

    Awesome! And glad I'm not the only one here! ;)
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    Darth Paul, my customized PRS S2 Standard 22

    Awesome! Looks and, I bet it sounds, great!
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    Let's see your gray PRS....

    Y'all are killin' me here! :D
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    Hans' Stash: Maryland Musician, May 1986

    Awesome bit of history, thanks for sharing!
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    Ngd ....

    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!
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    S2 Pickup Cover Question

    Wait, I see what you're saying, you already have S2 pickup covers and you want to use them with SD pickups. F-spaced wouldn't fit, but the standard I'm not sure. S2 pickups are 50mm and I believe SD is 49mm.
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    S2 Pickup Cover Question

    I just put pickup covers on my S2 over the weekend. Both were spaced 50mm. Ordered from Allparts. Before: After:
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    NGD (Again!) - 2020 DC 594 in Charcoal!

    Thanks for that link! I had been looking at Temple boards, but I'm liking the looks of these better.
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    I'm a PRS guy now

    Love the moons!
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    Old machinery at a historical woolen mill in Oregon
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    Question on S2 CU24 85/15 "S" Measurements

    I'm looking to add nickel covers and gold pole pieces to the pickups on my S2, but not finding any info on Google or these forums for specs. Measuring them, it appears they're both the same size and not wider on the bridge pickup. But I can't tell with my ruler if they're 49.2mm or 50mm. On the...
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    Show your pedalboard!

    Love it! I've been very tempted a few times recently to sell my pedals and just go for a classic all Boss setup. Seriously looking at their new 200 series, the delay and modulation specifically. Just wish they'd add reverb to the lineup.