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    PRS pickup set for Les Paul?

    My Les Paul got some hand-me-down 57/08 pickups that came out my hollowbody ii. It was a decent improvement over the burstbuckers that it came with. Failing that, check out some BKP mules, which also work well in a Les Paul. (Mules are now in my hollowbody, but did spend a few weeks in the LP)
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I wonder why the upcharge Could be the 2021 price from PRS and others will follow? could be supply and demand for a brand new product that some retailers are jumping on? I'm closer to pulling the trigger on an ss, but not for $300 more (Australian dollars, double everything from US usually)
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    Do any pickups fit in a custom 24?

    You'll be fine with any normal sized humbucker, but I would give the 5909's at least a shot. Start with default amp settings, fresh strings, and an open mind to pickup height. Of course, if they aren't for you, there are many options available too - I'm a big fan of making the guitar your own.
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    Pickups with Low End Punch

    Sounds like you want a set of bkp Abraxas. I love the extra fat they brought to my cu22.
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    Bare Knuckle Pickups for McCarty 594?

    BKP Abraxas, Riff Raff and Mules in my cu22, sc594 and HBii. All awesome ! Good luck, I don't think you can go wrong with any of their choices.
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    Wireless system for Piezo

    Well we learn something every day :) Shure slx works fine with my HBii though. Older tech now, but it's never given me an issue. It's also avoid the 2.4G band which was a big plus for me
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    Wireless system for Piezo

    Any guitar wireless should be fine. The thing to consider is if you are using 2 cables now, you'll need 2 wireless systems. If you only use 1 cable now, then you'll be fine with one I use a Shure slx unit on mine and it's fine - same as any other guitar with piezo or passive magnetic pickups.
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    Have CE24 but looking for a Core: CU24 or 594?

    I would Go 594 for the variety, and it should be awesome for the classic rock 70/80 you mention.. How do you like the ce for power metal at the moment? Switching between the 2 may require some amp changes, (boost mentioned above as an idea). Is this going to cause you any problems ?
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    Difference between single and double cut 594s

    You might be looking at the regular mccarty, not the mccarty 594. All the 594's have the same scale length
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    What’s a Custom 22 like?

    My number 1 gigging guitar is my cu22. It's amazing. I'm surprised they sell so few and discontinued it, actually. I'm waiting to see what ssh units come to Australia, I'd be happy to have another cu22 package with a slightly different flavor.
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    One more.... Dragon delivered

    Looks like maple to me
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    1993 PRS HSS Wiring Help!

    Check out this thread, If you don't need to split the humbucker, looks like the red stays unconnected, then use while and black like a 2 connector pickup.
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    New Guitar Day - LeSinglecut Paul? Private Stock?

    Welcome to the club
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    58/15 LT Questions

    Nice choices. I have same pickups in almost the same guitars - very happy with them all. What do you think of RR in your SC. I find it a little lacking the low end sometimes, but good with the band, and easy enough to eq where I need it.
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    The SE 245 love thread!!!

    This is the closest I have, can I join in anyway ? I don't play my 245 that much, for no reason, just not the one I reach for first.