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    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    BLOOD ORANGE...Is there REALLY any other color..C'mon now,REALLY ?
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    RIP Chick Corea

    Jazz fusions other name...Chick Corea...RIP.
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    new convert PRS...

    I knew you guys would have some great answers...THANKS !
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    What picks do you favor for playing with your PRS?

    I like to use thick,greasy,fat picks that catch fire when I zing em down the strings on the ole battle axe...How bout it fellas ?
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    new convert PRS...

    Robben Ford, in a studio record session, was seen playing a PRS pauls guitar...What can all you fine fellows tell the rest of us about that ?
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    NGD. Short scale and RW neck make a camper happy

    Steve,If I may be so bold as to ask; how many wood specimens, of the finest forests through out the globe, have you managed to amass in the vaults of your humble abode?
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    a couple PRS guitars.

    if they made it this far without a hand out or freebee,then they should be able to decide what kind of guitar they want to play, when they can afford it...
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    Journey to Earth - New Score For The Return Voyage

    I could "see" the story line in my minds eye and "feel" it's movement in my emotions...When's the "flic" gonna be released ? GOOD JOB,Les !
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    In 2020, I will be buying my first PRS guitar, the 594

    I'm sure you're beginning to realize that buying a PRS is not a simple decision...Further more,it gets more difficult the more you contemplate it...The good news is that once you get over the initial RUSH of owning it,you'll start looking at the rest of PAULS stable and begin to fall in LOVE...
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    PRS Plek'd?

    I ripped all my frets out and painted the fret slots with white paint...No pleking needed now...
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    GOOD repair on my WL594,Brian...It's ROARING now...THANKS !

    GOOD repair on my WL594,Brian...It's ROARING now...THANKS !
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    Why are PRS owners so afraid of getting a little scratch on it?

    Bless all you folks for cherishing the freedom this great nation affords us...enjoy it now,because it's slipping away every day...Play on gents...
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    Introduce yourself!

    How do you do...I'm me,Who are you?
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    Pet Peeve

    Oh my GUITARSKYVICHSKY that's all very FABYOULOWISS !!!
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    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    SIXPOINT RESIN DOUBLE IPA...FEE-RA-SHEOUS...Even if your playing is not so "GOOT",You'll feel like Eddie van West of Mole hill...