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    NGD (OMG Private Stock!)

    Love the quilt and some of the other PS appointments!
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    Private Stock build delivered on PS Friday

    Love the top and colour combo on the back. Back of the neck looks amazing too HNGD
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    Think PRS will ever make a Tele?

    I'd think if they did, it would be a signature SS type dealio, or a Tom Anderson Cobra Shorty type vibe
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    NGD Feeling kind of purple.....

    Nice, good to see a different colour ME5. I don't know what it is but alot of the 2020 PRS I've seen their finishes look odd? Not sure if that's due to them going back to Nitro? This looks great HNGD. After I haven't been able to find a cool SH special 22 in the UK (so many cool WL ones in the...
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    Semi Hollow Special - Can I justify it?

    Unfortunately I'm in the UK and the ones that I really like are in the US, so won't be able to try first. I'm familiar with the pattern neck profile so that shouldn't be an issue. I have a couple other guitars with similar body/fretboard woods to the SSH's I've found that I like, so in theory...
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    Semi Hollow Special - Can I justify it?

    Yeah, whilst I've found 2 I really like - I'd have to save up for a bit anyway! Hopefully they'll still be around in a few months or so. As I said I'm lucky to have a good group of guitars anyway to keep me busy
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    Semi Hollow Special - Can I justify it?

    Yeah I'm lucky to have a pretty sizable collection at the moment and would be using the P245 for cover band gigs if there were any - so just need to decide whether to sell it, or squeeze in another at somepoint next year!
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    Semi Hollow Special - Can I justify it?

    tell me about it
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    Semi Hollow Special - Can I justify it?

    So I've had a Core Semi Hollow P245 for a couple of years, super versatile guitar! But I'm GASing hard for a Semi Hollow Special 22 (particularly some of the limited ones with Wood Library Specs). I'm not sure if I could justify getting a SHS without selling my P245, and even though I don't...
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    NGD - Wood Library Special Semi Hollow

    Apologies for the bump but that is stunning! Very similar to the specs I want in a Semi Hollow Special!
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    GAS got the better of me, again: Aqua Violet Glow Quilt/Ziricote PS CU24-08

    wow thats amazing! HNGD one of the best Ive seen in awhile
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    DGT #3 NGD

    Thats a mean rig HNGD!
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    Oh man thats one of the nicest 24-08's I've seen! HNGD
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    NGD - Joined the 594 Club

    Ahhhh flame maple neck 694, just when I didn't think I could have any more GAS. HNGD!