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    Weekend With Bernie

    Just curious, did you not like the Bernie sound as is? The Aldrich pups are amazing, but I also though Paul put a lot of work into replicating the sound of Bernie's LP. I have aldrich in a Tremonti SE and they sound amazing, but am on the fence about messing with Bernie.
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    Please Help a Confused and Overwhelmed Newb

    I think the issue here is not only the guitar, but the amp, its settings, pedals, etc. There is a lot that goes into tone for sure, and while the guitar plays a huge part, it is only one piece of a large puzzle. What I would do is also try out amps now as depending on what you want or need...
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    Santana Knob Positions

    Personal preference I think. Really depends on how you play and how much live tweaking you do of the knobs as you play.
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    Might Want To Avoid

    I found Chicago Music Exchange on here by looking at the forum and those guys were amazing to work with. The used guitar I got looked almost new. And they are generous with the trades you give them.
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    NGD: SW SE Custom 24-08

    That is really nice love the blue and natural wood color
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    Santana Knob Positions

    Never been an issue for me. I just adjust to the guitar as they are all different. Though I do have to say on the Santana, being able to change pups and have the controls right there too is nice.
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    Guitar display/stand or in case?

    Acoustics, case no doubt. Have to keep them humidified. Electrics, I like mine out as it is easier access to them. Though it does have its issues with AC (wood tightening, etc.) it is not too much to deal with. It also depends on how much you paid for a guitar. A $450 used SE is not so big of a...
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    Thoughts on the SE Paul's Guitar

    The variety of tones you can get out of a Paul's Guitar is amazing. Lots to work with there for sure
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    Want to Better Understand Modifications

    FD are the pup rings strictly cosmetic?
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    Finally bought my first PRS.

    The first one is a gateway drug, soon you will have them all over the house. I got EXTREMELY lucky and bought a Signature Paul's Guitar on Reverb for 2400.00. Used of course but in immaculate condition.
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    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    Loved the swamp ash for sure. Great guitar
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    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Singlecuts

    Love these pups. They are really nice. They do though need to be in an LP type body. Tried them in a strat body and it just didnt work
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    SE Mods

    Swapped out standard tuners for locking tuners, and threw in an Aldrich set of pups
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    Want to Better Understand Modifications

    Great conversation guys. My takeaway is leave signature models alone, and be selective on SE etc. Thanks as this group is always on top of it in a real-world sense
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    Tricked out Zach Myers SE!

    What do the orange drop caps do for tone?