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    Tone City Pedals - Mini Size, Mini Price, Massive Tone

    The Sweet Cream and Iced Tea are pretty solid as well. I love the fuzz, chorus and delay too.
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    Dragon 1's

    The HFS/VB combo is different, but both fall into the Ceramic / High output category. The split positions with the HFS/VB on the 5way are also excellent for clean sounds. I don't really want to change a thing on that guitar. I have a Cu22 with a Seymour Duncan CC/AP2 set which makes 3...
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    Dragon 1's

    The Std24 has HFS/VB
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    Will a daily temp swing of 66 to 73 damage a guitar?

    Yes, but heating and AC can remove a lot of humidity from your home
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    the best PRS pickup

    Which Dragons? 1 or 2?
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    Dragon 1's

    I put my set into my2001 STD 22. I dig them but that guitar sounds amazing with about any pickups. That said, I have the ceramic/high output thing covered with the std 24. Thinking about a Duncan 59/PG set or maybe a Seth set. The split coil sound on PAFish pickups is not all that to my ears. I...
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    Paging Shawn.....or other technical issue experts

    Well, if the compensation results in a more true intonation up and down the neck the reduction in disonance could potentially be heard as "sterile" if those minor disonances are perceived as "complexity". Their removal would make the sound more "sterile". To me its just the opposite. As...
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    NGD! Traded all of my Gibsons for 2 PRSi

    So, you traded perfectly good Gibsons that presumably had no QC issues because Gibson is shipping guitars to other people that you will never have to own and will in no way cost Gibson a dime or punish them in any way. Not following that logic
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    When you're fav artists switch brands

    I could care less what they use or if they switch. It has absolutely nothing to do with me or my music. I switch all the time between different guitars. Why should it be any different for them?
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    Ghost Notes (AKA Cone Cry)

    Re: Ghost Notes Not necessarily. If they have the same speaker its possible that one speaker alone simply cannot handle the power of the amp. If you use two, they each receive only half the power which they may be able to handle.