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    Interested to hear everyone's opinion on guitar necks

    I like just about all the PRS varieties. I can get hand cramps on a thin one after a while, but I like them. No real issues playing any necks. If I had a favorite it's probably the W/F.
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    Brazilian Rosewood vs Standard Rosewood

    I'm late to this party but I'll throw in here. I can hear a difference between maple fretboards and rosewood fretboards on mahogany necks. I can hear a difference between either of them and a solid rosewood neck of either type. But IRW and BRW fretboards aren't tonally different enough to...
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    The chopping block

    I've been thinking of downsizing for a while now but can't find it in me to pull the trigger. I only play about half of them often. The others sit in cases for long periods of time. But when I pull them I remember why I haven't sold them. Still it might be time...
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    Help with next move

    Sure, but you don't think that is going to stop us from being stupid with it, right?
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    Help with next move

    Why? Do you have a giant woman?
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    White Haze

    Spray paint it with a rattle can... did I say that out loud? :oops:
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    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    I have a Heritage H150 and a MIM Strat that I don't expect I'll part with. The Strat is a lot like my first Squire that I started on when I switched from acoustic to electric, except is stays in tune better, and the Heritage is as close as I'm ever going to get to a 59 Les Paul. Unless I am...
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    New Guitar Day... For Someone Else

    Sounds like something you would do Danny. Happy for her, and for you.
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    Price Increases on PRS Custom 24?

    When I bought my first PRS it was a 2006 Cu24AP (the green one in my avatar) and the price was astronomical, but worth it, at $3300. You can no longer get the same guitar, but the best price on the closest thing to it is a new Cu24AP at $4700. That's $1400 bucks in 16 years. That averages out...
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    I'm so stupid that I...

    Oh how far we have fallen to uncharted depths...
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    I'm so stupid that I...

    Sorry, nothing to report here...I never do anything wrong...never have, never will...I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken...;)
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    Ugly, but I feel the need to try... Ukraine...

    I have two PRS friends in Poland, Mike and Art. Would you be one of them? If so I'm glad your here. If not, welcome new guy. You're doing a great service.
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    Ugly, but I feel the need to try... Ukraine...

    Like many above, I have given, and will continue to give, through my church. They are using 100% of the donations they get to buy life sustaining things and shipping them to Ukraine (and Poland for the refugees). They have already been on the ground there for weeks.
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    What was the best thing you did for your musical experience?

    The thing that most "furthered [me] along in [my] musical experience?" Getting a divorce. It may be funny but it's also true. I got my 1st PRS a month before my 1st wife moved out. it's a long story but we took 3 years to make it final. I had insomnia through that long period because of...
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    Once more into the breach...

    I wanted to do the same thing a few years back. Never found a fit in my area. I did find one band and we were starting to gel after a few practice sessions and then the lead singer took the other guitarist in a mutiny to another group worse than we were, but he got to be the boss. I just...